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Kindness – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

A super short blog today about kindness. In reality, it’s more of a plea for us all to be nicer and kinder towards each other.

In recent weeks my wife has been on the end of some pretty distasteful treatment from someone, behaviour that I would say is close to the mark of sex discrimination and harassment. There was no need for it but there you go, sometimes you can only hope that other people engage their minds a bit. It was only the other month that we watched the TV programme, ‘It Was Alright in the 1970s’ and I think some of the attitudes and stuff experienced could have walked right out of the screen and slap bang into 2020! As I’ve said in previous articles, we don’t all have to share the same opinions and agree on everything (and you can do that and still get on fine) but bullying, discrimination and harassing go way beyond what I think is acceptable.

Which brings me back to my plea for us all to be kinder to one another as much as we can. You never know what someone else is experiencing, how things are for them, so I think we all want to be nicer, kinder and more understanding, even if we don’t always see eye to eye on every aspect of life.

I put some of my thoughts about kindness in to this video that you can watch by clicking on the image:


kindness hypnotherapy in ely


There are many benefits from kindness. Research has shown that there is a close link between kindness and happiness. Kind people tend to experience more happiness, and could potentially lead to you feeling more optimistic and experiencing less anxiety. Doing things that make others happy or that benefit them leads to you feeling happier yourself. The research even suggests that the more kindness activities you do, the greater your own increase in happiness.

You can read more on the benefits of kindness over in this article: The Benefits of Kindness – How Being Kind Can Make You Happier

Incidentally, you should also be kind to yourself too: (Why You Should Be Kind To Yourself – The Benefits of Self-Compassion).

Not only does it make for a more pleasant life if you are kinder to others, it also has positive benefits for you as well.

I encounter many lovely and kind people each day yet the more we can all work on being even kinder (to others and ourselves), the happier we can all be.

So that’s my plea to all today, let’s all be kinder in our actions and interactions, let’s allow for differences and other people not always having the same world view as us, and let’s all as a result find ourselves feeling and being happier in our lives.

To your happiness and kindness,

Dan Regan

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