Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket Success Stories

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Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket Success Stories

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket Success Stories

It’s wonderful to be able to help people every day to make positive changes in their lives, whether that’s letting go of anxiety, ending panic attacks, increasing confidence and self esteem or another positive change that they want to make.

And I’m hugely grateful to each and every person who has kindly provided either written feedback or a video testimonial to share the success they have enjoyed.

You can watch their video testimonials on this page: Video Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Or check out the short summary video below which brings you some of the highlights from what they have said.


Hypnotherapy Ely, Newmarket, Online – Testimonials

In this short video, you can learn what people have said after working with me to overcome issues and achieve their goals:


Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlA_74eUhCY


Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket:

Here’s what they said:

*Dealing with Anxiety Success: “I used to suffer quite badly with anxiety and confidence. I’ve tried various other counselling services but nothing really seemed to work for me.

But now I seem to have got my life back. I enjoy doing things that I haven’t done for a long time. The little things don’t seem to bother me as much any more and I’m just able to enjoy life. Thank you Dan.”  – Anna, April 2016

*Treating Anxiety Success: “I had a few sessions with Dan. I started to notice that my behaviour was changing. I was more open minded to things, I wasn’t anxious about things. I didn’t feel like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, it was almost like the world was opening up to me.

A few sessions and I’ve done things I never thought I would do. A massive thumbs up to Dan and thanks so much for helping.” – Heidi, March 2016

*Hypnosis Ends Severe Anxiety: “I came to see Dan because I was suffering with severe anxiety. It was really distressing for me and it was taking over my life.

Dan was really helpful and I’ve never seen anyone like this before but he put a lot of confidence in myself and I felt like he was very easy to talk to. I would really recommend Dan as he is just so lovely and really helpful.” – Alice, January 2016

*How To Be More Confident: “I had six sessions with Dan and the change is remarkable. I am much more confident on presentations, on conference calls, on video calls and am able to really confidently get out there and make contact with people, as well as communicate a lot better.

It’s really been an excellent experience and I highly recommend it.” – Marc, February 2016

*Self Confidence Hypnosis: “I came to see Dan because of problems with bullying, depression and my general confidence.

Sessions really helped me and now I’m much happier in myself and everyday life and I can do things more confidently than I could before and I really recommend, if anyone’s got any problems, to come and see Dan.” – Ben, December 2016

* Needle Phobia Eliminated: “I came to see Dan because I had a phobia with injections and needles. I’ve been refused dental treatment because I just got into such a state, so I decided to come and see Dan.

Went to the dentist that day, it was absolutely fine. Then I had to have some travel injections as well. That went really well. Happened, done, no problems at all. It’s been absolutely brilliant.” – Heather, November 2015

* Football Confidence: “I came to see Dan about my football. I needed to be more confident, more motivated in order to perform on the pitch. I think he has done an excellent job in helping me. I am a lot more confident.  A lot more confident on the football field.  I really do feel like I can be the best player that I can be now.

Dan is great, he really is. For me, it was about confidence and motivation. If that’s something for you then I do suggest that you do come and see Dan, because he’s brilliant.” – Laura, October 2015

* Overcoming Driving Test Anxiety: “I came to see Dan because I was suffering with driving anxiety. I’d had four tests that hadn’t gone very well. I had a real block about my ability to drive.

I left the session feeling really calm and really confident and I think it was two days later that I had my test. And…totally different to the other tests. Felt really calm beforehand, calm during the test. I convinced myself during the test that I’d passed, which I did do, which was great.” – Sarah, September 2015

* Overcoming Anxiety: “More than probably ten years I spent with some anxiety and depression problems.

I just feel like my life changed really for the better. It’s a whole new world opened up to me and I’m really, really enjoying it. So, I can’t thank Dan enough basically.” – Bret, June 2015

* Overcoming Panic Attacks: “Dan was amazing, he was very friendly, very easy to talk to and he taught me some great techniques.

That was two years ago and I’m pleased to say that my life’s completely turned around. I feel very, very confident. I feel like the old me again and, really, if you are feeling anxious or having any anxiety at all, go and see Dan, because he will help you.” – Jean, May 2015

* Increased Self Confidence: “I would thoroughly recommend anyone who has any phobias, any confidence issues, paranoia, depression, doubt, self-doubt to come and see Dan.

Without doubt he made a massive difference in my life two years ago. It was a place that I never thought I would ever get out of but thankfully with his help here I am some two years later healthy, happy and in a great place in my life so I would thoroughly recommend anyone to come and see Dan.” – Kate, October 2014

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Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

What People Say


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