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Hypnosis Downloads – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Recently I headed back into the recording studio and I have now four new awesome hypnosis downloads available to help you to feel better in yourself. These are fabulous additions to the wealth of hypnosis downloads and help that is already over in my shop, and which I constantly get positive feedback about.

If you are looking for help with anxiety, worry, overthinking or stress then there are many titles that can help you. There’s also help for increasing confidence, boosting self-esteem and weight loss.  And, better still, you can learn how to access all of my hypnosis audios, whenever you want and as often as you want (Hypnosis Streaming)

So here are my new hypnosis downloads for you to get hold of and enjoy…I can’t wait to get your feedback about them!


Take Time To Relax Hypnosis Download

You already know that it’s important that you take time to relax. Yet in your busy life, all of the demands on your time and energy can mean that taking time to relax for your well-being and mental health just keeps getting put off and put back. Relaxing and taking time for you can drop to the bottom of the list.

This can soon lead to mental fatigue, overthinking, stress and that sense that your mind never switches off from all the things that go around and around inside of your head.

Rather than feeling stressed, frazzled and anxious, this hypnosis download can allow you enjoy a wonderful state of calmness and relaxation. You’ll be able to benefit from taking a little time for yourself to switch off, clear your mind and just relax.


Take Time To Relax Hypnosis Download Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Ely


Using this Take Time To Relax hypnosis download can help you to increase your sense of comfort, calmness and clarity, feel more mentally calm and physically relaxed in yourself and to let go of tension. Regularly listening to this audio will help you to feel more in control, be able to think more clearly and so then feel capable of taking positive steps in your life.

This hypnosis download gives you a wonderful opportunity to escape from the busyness of life and recharge. You’ll be able to relax, clear your mind and release any physical tension and you can grab your copy now from here: Take Time To Relax Hypnosis Download 


Lift Your Mood Hypnosis Download

When you feel a bit low or down for some reason, you may have noticed how it impacts on your mindset and your thinking. You can find that many times, places and experiences where things didn’t go well fill your mind. You may find your head fills with more and more perceived mistakes, errors and failures. Your mood and feelings direct how you think about yourself and other things. So when you feel low in your mood it can easily grow inside your mind, leaving you feeling even worse in yourself.

In contrast, when you feel more positive, happier and uplifted, those good feelings mean you feel more relaxed and optimistic. You draw upon positive experiences and good times and that filters into all of your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. This hypnosis download will help you to access and draw upon the things you do when you feel better in yourself and when you feel happier and enjoy things more. It will give you a boost if positivity to help you to lift your mood and to enhance your good feelings.

If you could benefit from feeling more positive in your mood and mindset then this hypnosis download can help you. You’ll be able to boost your positive thoughts and feelings, feel more uplifted and enjoy feeling better in your thoughts and feelings and then into every aspect of your life. Your positive mood and mindset are waiting for you here right now: Lift Your Mood Hypnosis Download


Happy Place Hypnosis Download

Recently I headed back to Wales for a weekend and back to the area where I grew up. On a warm, sunny day I headed to my favourite spot in the world, my personal happy place. It’s a little spot on the edge of a hill that is sheltered and quiet and it looks out over the Valleys and down into Cardiff. It was a wonderful, positive, tranquil experience to sit there for an hour or so and just thinking back upon it makes me feel better in myself.

We all have our own happy place somewhere. It’s that unique place that is associated with feeling happy, positive and uplifted in some way. And wherever your happy place is, it’s somewhere you enjoy being, and that has happy and positive thoughts, feelings, memories and associations for you. By using this hypnosis download and vividly imagining being right back in your happy place you can create and enjoy all of those happy and positive feelings and thoughts that this place brings you.


My Happy Place Hypnosis Download Dan Regan Hypnotherapy in Ely


Using this Happy Place hypnosis download will help you to go to your happy place and experience all those good feelings that you get there whenever you wish. You can visit this place again and again inside your imagination and focus, and each and every time you can feel the positive, uplifting thoughts and feelings that you get from this place and increase all of you good, positive thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can take a trip to your very own Happy Place and enjoy all the positive benefits right now: Happy Place Hypnosis Download


Disputing Irrational Anxious Thoughts Hypnosis Download

If you struggle with anxiety then you will be familiar with the overthinking, worst-case scenarios and ‘what if’ thoughts. Your anxiety can latch onto a train of thought and before you know it, it has been amplified and magnified inside your head and your anxious feelings increase.  An initial thought can move down that escalating spiral of thinking that moves further and further away from the current situation, and where things get worse and worse in your mind.

When you feel anxious, worried or fearful, that emotion drives your imagination and your thinking. Rather than ‘true cold reason’ and logical thinking, your emotions drive your thinking into all sorts of unwanted and unpleasant directions. Your mind scans for potential, perceived threat and danger, and you experience all the unpleasant physical feelings of anxiety and worry.  You may know that a lot of your thoughts are irrational and aren’t logical, but those unhelpful thinking patterns take over.

Whatever unwanted direction your anxiety takes your thoughts and imagination, it is very possible and achievable to develop the ability to habitually reign it back in. Rather than letting worry and anxiety take your thoughts far away from the present and how things are now, you can start to dispute and challenge those negative thoughts to undermine them.


Challenge irrational thoughts hypnosis download dan regan hypnotherapy in ely and newmarket


This hypnosis download will help you to interrupt the irrational and negative thinking that goes on inside your head.  Rather than letting anxious or troubling thoughts spiral and magnify inside your imagination, and all the while ramping up any anxious feelings, you will start to adopt a mindset where you can calmly evaluate and reason through the things inside your own mind.

A lot of the time the things we think are just from anxiety driving our imagination and leading us to ‘make up’ and imagine the worst. So instead of feeling controlled by irrational anxious thoughts, you will start to be able hold up that thought and appraise it and challenge it, and then, having recognised it is irrational, orchestrate your thoughts and send them in a much more positive and beneficial direction.

You’ll be able to successfully interrupt the negative and irrational thoughts you’ve been struggling with and so undermine and weaken that unwanted anxiety. If you are ready to take back control over your thinking and to start feeling better then you can get this hypnosis download now and start benefiting right away: Disputing Irrational Anxious Thoughts Hypnosis Download 


Hypnosis Downloads: New Titles Coming Very Soon!

I absolutely love producing these hypnosis downloads for you because I know how much you can benefit from them. And, of course, I love all the positive feedback that keeps coming my way from people who have been regularly listening to them.

I’m going to be heading back into the recording studio very soon and have some awesome plans for a football performance hypnosis download, along with some directed at helping you with your running, amongst other things.

Do keep an eye out for these new titles and be sure to check back soon! In the meantime, I wish you every success as you listen to these hypnosis downloads and start feeling better and better in yourself.

To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

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