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I receive loads of positive feedback for my hypnosis downloads, whether that’s from my clients who are using them as a supplement to their sessions, or from people who invest in them having found my website. I put hours and hours into preparing, recording and publishing each individual hypnosis track, so it’s really important to me that you find them beneficial.

However, there are some issues with the technology and process of downloading the hypnosis audios that do come up from time to time. Sometimes your device may not like the files because of memory space, sometimes you download and save them and then can’t find them again the next time you want to listen to them, and sometimes you change device and the files get lost in the process. And, of course, sometimes people just can’t decide which of my hypnosis audios that would like the most and get stuck in trying to make that decision (so many good things to choose from!).

It’s important to me that you can use the hypnosis downloads to help with anxiety, stress, confidence, weight loss and other issues, wherever and whenever you like. That’s why I’ve created this solution so that you can listen to my hypnosis audios the hassle free way.


Hypnosis Audio Streaming

Rather than being limited as to which hypnosis audios you listen to and struggling to save and then find them, you can now easily access all of my audios whenever and wherever you have internet access. There are no limits on which tracks you listen to, or upon how often you listen (and only you know which hypnosis audios you listen to).

Instead of downloading and saving, you can now stream my audios wherever you go, using whichever device you have with you at the time. You just log in and there you will find every single one of my hypnosis audios waiting for you to access, listen to and benefit from straight away – you just need to select the audio you want to listen to and press play (and you will also get my new tracks as they are added…and I’ll be heading to the studio to record some great new titles very soon).

Hypnosis audio streaming really is the hassle free way to listen to my hypnosis downloads and to take control over your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions.

  • HASSLE FREE LISTENING: There’s no need to download or save any files. You can play and listen to all of my hypnosis tracks any time you wish through your subscription. There’s no more need to try and find where you’ve downloaded and saved audios, no worry at all about losing them or not having them to hand, and no need at all to fill up the memory space on your device. When you change or update your device, your hypnosis audios will still be easily accessible to you.
  • PROFESSIONAL SOUND QUALITY: All of the hypnosis audios here have been recorded and professionally edited in a recording studio for the best sound quality. I want you to have a positive, enjoyable and beneficial listening experience.
  • EXPERT HELP: As a multi-award winning hypnotherapist, I’ve invested well over a decade of successfully helping clients into the development of these hypnosis audios for you. Through these hypnosis audios, you can get access to proven professional help from an award winning hypnotherapist (and be sure to check out the reviews for my hypnosis downloads and from my clients to be confident in my work before you sign up).
  • EASY TO ACCESS: You can log in, listen and benefit anytime and anywhere where you have internet access (so pretty much anywhere!). And it’s a totally private and confidential service: no files are downloaded or saved that others could see, and only you know which of these great hypnosis audios you access and listen to. There’s no need to limit which hypnosis audios you have, you can now access and listen to them all!
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: You can choose from a great value monthly or annual streaming subscription (saving you a fortune on individually purchasing hypnosis tracks). Both are great value for money and give you immediate access to all of my hypnosis audios. Rather than buying audios individually and having to faff around with downloading them and then trying to find them again, listen to all and any of them over and over again, as often as you like and any time you like.
  • NEW TITLES ARRIVING: New hypnosis titles are frequently added. You will get immediate access as soon as new hypnosis audios become available. They’ll appear within your subscription after each visit I make to the recording studio (and I’ve got some exciting new titles planned very soon that I think you’ll love!).

As soon as you sign up to your annual or monthly subscription, all of your hypnosis audios will be available for you to access and listen to right away.

You can take a look at what you’ll get here: Hypnosis Audios. There is no limit on which tracks you chose to listen to, or on how often you listen to them.

You can take a look at the audios available to you by checking them out under these broad hypnosis categories:

Anxiety Relief Hypnosis Audios

Stress Relief Hypnosis Audios

Confidence and Self-Esteem Hypnosis Audios

Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Hypnosis Audios

I’m looking forward to welcoming you as a member very soon! Just head over to this page: Hypnosis Streaming and we’ll soon have you all set up, listening and benefiting.


To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

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