Gambling Addiction Help – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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gambling addiction help - hypnotherapy in ely and newmarket

Gambling Addiction Help – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

We’ve probably all got used to the warning slogans that appear on adverts for gambling websites. When the fun stops, we are told, you should stop your gambling. You should gamble responsibly and never gamble with more money than is affordable.

And whilst for many, their gambling in whatever form, is a bit of fun and affordable, for many people I’ve worked with, their gambling has become a problem that has caused massive problems. By the time they do something about it, the gambling will have affected friendships and relationships, caused arguments and distress, led to unaffordable financial losses, and will more than likely have caused stress, anxiety and a reduction in self-esteem.

Recently, it was reported in the press how doctors and the NHS have been experiencing a surge in people going to A&E with gambling addiction issues. There has been a massive rise in the number of people, primarily young men but not always, seeking help for their problem gambling.

And like any addiction, even through the distress and negative consequences can be mounting up, the same habits, thoughts, feelings and behaviours can still strongly lead you to taking even more risks and suffering even greater losses as you try and chase something to pull you out of the dark hole you are rapidly descending into.


Gambling Addiction 

A gambling addiction is something that can creep up upon you quite insidiously, and you may not even consider it to be a problem until it has already become one for you. And, in many cases, once you realise the mounting financial and personal problems that you are facing, the temptation may be to gamble even more to try and get yourself out of the hole you are sliding into. But, of course, chasing a win to try and alleviate some of the losses you have suffered, can easily lead to the your problems snowballing and growing.

A gambling problem may start as a bit of fun and excitement, on your own or with others. And, after all, we are surrounded each and every day with opportunities for betting or having a flutter on something. From fruit machines to the lottery, from the high street bookmakers to online gambling websites, the thoughts and triggers associated with gambling can be almost everywhere.

And there’s not necessarily anything wrong with doing the lottery or having an occasional bet. It can be exciting and give a bit of a buzz to have a few pounds riding on something. Whether it’s an online game, something on a horse at the races or guessing a football score (or the number of shots, the first scorer, the half-time score, the number of corners…), it can add interest and fun to what is going on.

Yet, with your gambling addiction, the fun element has probably long gone. The buzz you may have once got from a bet may have turned into a sense of tension and  anxiety because of the money involved, the desperation to win to lessen your losses and the fear of those close to you finding out about your problem. You probably find yourself thinking about gambling all of the time, maybe trying to create some sort of dreamed winning ‘system’ that will lead to consistently winning, and all the while with that feeling like you have to, or need to, gamble and bet. You may lose interest in the people and the things that don’t involve gambling. Gambling addiction takes over your life and leads only to misery.

The people I’ve worked with have told me about the thousands they have lost through gambling. Your savings may have evaporated, your wages may disappear in a flash and you may have had to gamble money that was really ear marked for your bills. You may have taken out secret loans to try and cover your tracks and I’ve known people to hide paperwork from their partners as they live in a constant state of worry over their financial losses being found out. Having a gambling problem can lead to hiding things from others and a constant sense of anxiety, depression, guilt and stress.

And, because gambling is so instant and easy online these days, you can get into a problematic place very quickly and very easily. Once you start losing, you may make more and more bets to try and chase and win back what you have lost (although even if you have ever won anything, you will probably have gambled it all, and more, away anyway).

There can be lowness, guilt and shame when your gambling problem is finally discovered (as it will be). If you are lucky your family and friends will stick by you and support you. In many cases relationships and friendships sadly come to an end due to your behaviour and as a result of the consequences of your gambling actions.

You will then probably work to sort things out with others and financially, committed to never gambling again. You may even get to a point where you clear your debts. Yet those thoughts, feelings and emotions can easily creep back in and you find yourself going through the same process of gambling and anxiety, distress and loss all over again.


Help For Gambling Addiction

Whilst you may feel low, bad and guilty about the consequences of you gambling addiction, it is certainly possible to overcome it and to end the unhelpful and unwanted thoughts, feelings and habits around gambling that you’ve been experiencing. As long as you are determined and motivated to overcome your addiction, it can be achieved. Whether it’s going to the bookies and betting, or gambling online, you can take back control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and start feeling more in control and happier again.

Research and evidence supports the effectiveness of hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy for gambling. Through effective strategies and techniques, you can start to break free of your old gambling associations and behaviours and stop chasing the money. Instead, you can start getting on with your life in more positive and fulfilling ways, being the person you want to be and taking action towards your true goals in life.


To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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