Ely Festive 5k – Santa boosted Mental Health

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Ely Festive 5k – Santa boosted Mental Health

This weekend marked the annual Ely Festive 5k, where a few hundred people (mostly) dress up in their finest festive gear and walk, jog and run around the streets of Ely.

And, in what is fast becoming a family tradition, I dusted off my white beard and red hat, reminded my daughter that yes, she really had said she wanted to do the Ely run again this year, and headed to the start line alongside the fabulous Ely Cathedral.

It’s always a fun occasion and there is always a lot of friendly chat and encouragement from fellow runners on the way around. All of which helped me to cope with over thirty minutes of continuous moaning from my daughter about how a) every part of her ached b) she couldn’t breathe and c) how she was never, ever, going to do this again (all of which are also fast becoming part of the annual tradition!!). But bless here she finished it and even managed a sprint finish over the last 50 metres AND she did it quicker than in any of the previous years.

I think the awesome chocolate orange brownie she tucked into at the end helped to ease some of the ‘suffering’ and her next day muscle soreness will soon pass too (although not before a rather achy PE lesson at school!). And, of course, she felt better after having done the run and a sense of satisfaction in telling others of her endeavours.

I’ve written many times about the mental health benefits of being active… and I’m sure there must be research that dressing as Santa boosts mental health too! Anyway, before the run we popped into the office to record a short video…although it got overtaken a bit by my daughter experiencing a bit of an issue behind me!!

And here we are getting all set for a blast of Santa and Christmas inspired mental health and physical health boosting:


ely festive 5k 2018 dan regan ely hypnotherapy in Ely


As we know, exercise and being active boost our mental health, and there are also lots of benefits from doing things for a good cause and spending time doing things you enjoy with others. So all wrapped up neatly together we get great events like this one.

And here is the link to the video where I share a few pre-race thoughts with my little helper – and watch for the moment when Poppy discovers that the battery bit of her light up jumper is not attached (click on the image to watch now):


2018 ely festive 5k mental health dan regan hypnotherapy in Ely

Watch on You Tube


Sadly that was the final race for that particular beard so if anyone knows where I can get a really good, fluffy replacement in time for next year do let me know!

And if you want to boost your mental health this Christmas time then grab a beard, get your trainers on and get out and get active with a local fundraising or charitable event and really do bag yourself some Santa powered mental health boosting fun.

To your success,

Dan Regan

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