Boosting Mental Health in the New Forest

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Boosting Mental Health in the New Forest – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

I’m just back from a week with the family over in the New Forest, a truly beautiful place. The weather was great and I loved spending time with the kids and having some fun together. And I particularly enjoyed getting up early every day to head out into the forest to see nature at its best.

If you’ve never been to the New Forest then one thing pretty special is all the horses (and cows, and donkeys) that roam free around the forest and the surrounding area. It’s pretty common to find a horse standing in the road totally unphased by the cars and traffic that he’s holding up. And in the forest there seems to be wildlife around every corner from more horses to deer, cows and squirrels. I loved it.

Now if you’ve been reading my blogs for a while you’ll know that getting out in nature, as well as being active, can both contribute to and support good mental health. There’s a ton of research supporting this. I also think that time away from emails and normal routines, as well as the benefit of being in the moment as you explore the forest, also play a part in supporting mental health.

I’ve written before about the mental health benefits of exercise, for example, have a read here: Ely Festive 5k 2019 and Why You Should Get Running For Your Mental Health

And more on the science about the mental health benefits of time in nature were covered in my article here: Using Nature To Positively Impact Your Mental Health


Mental Health, Nature and Exercise

While I was out (getting lost!) in the forest, I recorded this short video about the mental health benefits of getting out in nature, being active and exercising and just doing the things you enjoy (click on the image to watch it now):


Boosting Mental Health in New Forest hypnotherapy in ely


After recording this I managed to get well and truly lost in the wilderness! A huge thank you to the half a dozen or so people who pointed me back in the right direction at various intervals, especially to the two runners who told me that, after running uphill for a mile or so, I was headed in totally the wrong direction and needed to retrace my steps.  As you’ll have gathered, I did eventually make it back to our holiday home, although what was meant to be an hour long jog had turned into a two hour half marathon by then! But if you’re going to get lost, do it somewhere beautiful!

hypnotherapy in ely


boosting mental health ely


To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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