It’s Peculiar People Day so celebrate your individual uniqueness!

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It’s Peculiar People Day so celebrate your individual uniqueness!

Today is Peculiar People Day!! Now I bet you probably didn’t know that…and nor did I until an e-mail mentioning it landed in my inbox. Yet it turns out that January 10th every year has indeed been assigned to be Peculiar People Day. So let’s celebrate it!

Actually, when I saw the e-mail that mentioned it, I showed it to my wife and told her that they’ve finally created a day just for her!! I’m hilarious…

I’ve no idea where the idea came from or who decided that this day every year should be marked in celebration of the strange and unusual. The Days of the Year website describes it like this:

Peculiar People Day is here to celebrate the leaders of the strange and unusual, those who refuse to succumb to the world’s idea of what is normal and sane. They challenge the status quo and utterly rebuke the concept that that which is out of the ordinary is bad. Whether they simply dress in their own style, or have very clear ideas of what is right and normal, Peculiar People Day is their opportunity to shine.

I’m not sure ‘peculiar’ is the word I’d use for those who do their own thing and express their own style and thoughts and ways of being. I think it’s more about being unique and celebrating being who you are and who you choose to be.

It’s about rejoicing that we are all unique in our own way and that we don’t have to do something or like something just because everyone else does. It’s about enjoying being the wonderful, unique you who is different in so many wonderful ways to every other person on this planet.

Just think about that – on this planet of 7.7 billion people, no one else is quite like you. That’s pretty amazing isn’t it? And if that’s what Peculiar People Day is all about then let’s all get our party gear on and rejoice!


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Back when I used to struggle with social anxiety there was nothing I wanted to achieve more than to be seen as normal and to fit in and not stand out in a crowd or find myself as the centre of attention. Social anxiety makes you want to be, or at least be seen to be, normal and not out of the ordinary in any way for worry of what others will think.

These days when people come to me for help with their social anxiety, they often tell me they are worried that people think they are ‘strange’ or ‘weird’ in some way. And there’s always a part of me that hopes that they are weird and different in some way. Yes, we take away the useless worry but let’s keep that uniqueness, that difference and that freedom to be individuals in an ocean of people. You only have one personality and that’s all you need; it’s way more than enough.

So let’s not have a ‘peculiar people day’; instead, lets make it every day and enjoy that we aren’t the same as everyone else. After all, what sort of world would it be if everyone was like me…if we all listened to Showaddywaddy (look them up younger readers!), didn’t drink, were vegetarian, Welsh and went to bootcamp (actually, that would be an awesome world…!!).

From now on, whenever you think you are weird, strange, different or unusual, hold your head high, put your shoulders back, put a big smile on your face and celebrate that you are YOU. Make the most of the fact that you are unique and really do let it be your opportunity to shine!

To the unique you!

Dan Regan

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