The Anxiety Equation – Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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Anxiety Equation anxiety hypnotherapy in ely and newmarket

The Anxiety Equation – Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Anxiety can be totally debilitating. Those anxious thoughts and feelings can seem to take over your mind and how you feel. And you’ll have already noticed how anxiety can grow inside your thinking patterns and feelings so that the more you feel anxious, the more you seem to struggle with it.

You can find that all of those anxious thoughts keep your mind so busy and you can’t seem to think clearly. Anything and everything can seem like a threat with the risk of something going badly or going wrong in some way. You feel anxious about the possibilities of what might happen and so you either have to endure the discomfort or you try and avoid those things that could escalate how uncomfortable and anxious you feel. You may dread and fear even the possibility of being anxious and it may feel like you are stuck in an ever spinning cycle of worry, stress, dread and anxiety.

And when people come to see me for anxiety hypnotherapy, their focus is naturally upon the people, places, times and things that cause them to suffer with the unwanted thoughts and feelings. There is a link between those places, situations and things and your anxiety.

In fact you’ll hear people talk in terms of that person, place or thing causing anxiety. There’s a sort of basic psychological equation that reads that the thing, whether it’s flying, public speaking, motorway driving, swimming, social situations or something else, equals anxiety. You feel stuck and helpless to take back control over your thoughts and feelings.

Yet we know that not everyone struggles with these situations. Some people love flying, some people love to give speeches and others are totally ok around the types of circumstances that for you are currently an unpleasant experience. And the more you struggle with anxiety or avoid things, the worse those anxious associations may seem to get for you.

And because we know that not everyone struggles with anxiety in these areas, there has to be another step in the anxiety equation, doesn’t there?

Otherwise everyone would feel anxious and there would be nothing anyone could do about it.

And it’s that extra step that I talk about in this video all about the anxiety equation. Click below and watch it now:


So rather than that thing causes or equally anxiety, we know there is that extra psychological step.

Although it may seem like it’s the person, place or situation that causes your anxiety, and those anxious feelings of discomfort may be very real and strong, there is an extra step in this. That extra step is all the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, expectations, experiences and behaviours about it. All those things that take place inside your mind, those psychological processes, create your anxiety, fear and dread. That’s why your experience can be so different to somebody else’s in a similar situation.

So it isn’t the thing that causes your anxiety, it’s the thing multiplied by all of your thoughts, imagination, focus, experiences, expectations, beliefs and so on that creates the anxiety.

And rather than be self critical or feel down about this stuff that is going on inside of your own head, you want to think of it as a good thing. If there wasn’t this step then you would be well and truly stuck with feeling anxious forever. You would be stuck and there would be nothing you could do to change it.

Yet because it comes down to learnt patterns of thinking and feeling, you can learn how to change these things. You may need a little help, say with hypnotherapy, to achieve this, yet you can very much learn how to orchestrate, control and direct all of these internal psychological processes and factors.

And by learning how to alter those parts of the anxiety equation, the end result and outcome inevitably changes too. Rather than fear, anxiety and discomfort, it becomes calmness and confidence. Rather than dread about imagined future possibilities, you start to think more calmly and rationally and trust in your own ability to handle, deal and cope with whatever comes your way. Rather than feeling stuck and powerless in the face of anxiety, you start to be able to face things and do the things you want to do while also feeling good, having self-belief, feeling more capable and knowing that you can do it.

To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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