Taking Action On Anxiety – The Latest Hypnotherapy Vlog

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Taking Action On Anxiety – The Latest Hypnotherapy Vlog

This weekend saw the opportunity to walk over the new Ely bypass bridge before it opens for traffic later this month. Anyone reading this who ever travels to Ely from that direction will be looking forward to a reduction in the traffic bottlenecks (for those outside the area, at the moment a railway crossing and low bridge tend to block things up quite significantly).

Anyway, despite the pouring rain it was all to help raise funds for a great charity and one close to my heart because of the help they gave us when my Dad battled cancer a few years ago (MacMillan Cancer Research). So despite the protests of the kids, I hustled, cajoled and dragged them into the rain to take advantage of this once on a lifetime chance to walk the bridge before a few thousand cars get to take it over every day forever more.

Now, I love stuff like this because it was a chance to do something new and different…almost like the kind of stuff you get to do on holiday! A chance to walk a new road and take in some new views and sights, and, either because of the rain or because it’s actually quite a wide road, it was nice and relaxed and there was plenty of space for messing about with the kids (one of whom mainly moaned a lot and one of whom mainly laughed a lot). I enjoyed our little family walk though and that’s the most important thing!

Due to the weather and the need to dry out from the rain, we stayed in the rest of the day and that gave me a chance to upload my latest vlog all about the importance of taking action on anxiety (it’s been a while since my last vlog due to my workload so I hope you enjoy their return!). You can check out my vlog further down the page.

Before you get there here’s a shot of us on the new bridge (one of them wants to show off their lovely necklace….one of them wants to show off their pre-teenager attitude!!!!):


taking action on anxiety hypnotherapy ely


And I don’t know why it’s so funny to stick your tongue out at your father but she seemed to be enjoying herself anyway!


take action on anxiety hypnotherapy ely



Taking Action on Anxiety

Last week was World Mental Health Day and, on that day, a former client of mine published a blog about how her hypnotherapy sessions had helped with her anxiety (a great blog and well worth a read here: When The Anxious Athlete Takes Over). One thing she mentioned in her blog was about the coping skills that all of my clients are shown and taught. She mentioned in passing how some of these had helped and some hadn’t.

Which is a really important point.

And by the way, I’m often bemused when I hear of therapists who don’t teach their clients any strategies or techniques for managing their anxiety, particularly as agreement on therapy tasks has been demonstrated to form an important component of a successful therapeutic relationship (and research shows that when there is a good therapeutic relationship, you are likely to derive more benefit from your therapy sessions). Not only that, but in my experience it makes for better progress and I think it’s very, very important to help people develop skills they can use in their life to handle future challenges (without being solely reliant on a therapist).

Anyway, back to my main point, which is that not every technique or strategy is going to be right for everybody, every time. You have to try something and if it helps, you want to stick with it and even do it more; and if it doesn’t help then you can try something else or adapt it in some way for a better result. And of course, to take back control over anxiety you need to do something to start to tackle those anxious thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I mean, what would you rather do: nothing and just live with all that anxiety?

In the same way that we are designed to experience anxiety in certain situations, we are also designed not to experience it on other situations. Relaxing is a normal human function that everyone has the capability to do. Because of this, by taking action, I just know that you can do well with managing your anxiety.

And on to the vlog itself about taking action on anxiety (click on this image):


Action on Anxiety Dan Regan Hypnotherapy

 Watch on You Tube


To your success,

Dan Regan

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