Stress Management Help – Stress Awareness Month

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Stress Management Help – Stress Awareness Month

Whilst stress can affect you at any time, April is Stress Awareness Month and so a good time to take action to relieve your stress levels from this point onwards.

I work with many people who come to me for help because they are struggling with stress and anxiety in their lives.

That stress may be from their workload, from colleagues at work or other career issues. It may arise from their family, friends and relationships. Or it may come from exam stress, health worries or, in fact, any other part of your life where you no longer feel in control or able to cope effectively.

I was delighted to be published once again in the Cambridge News, giving my advice on how to manage stress.

So whether you are looking for stress management help to proactively stay resilient and handle pressures, or whether you feel that stress is having a detrimental impact on you, these steps will show you the way forward.


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Stress  Awareness

As I’ve mentioned, April is National Stress Awareness Month and as such a great time to take positive action to manage your stress and get those stress levels under control.

Whilst we can all feel stressed from time to time, ongoing, persistent stress can have a huge detrimental impact on your physical and mental well-being. When you feel under so much pressure that you can’t cope, stress can start to lead to symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, sleeping problems, difficulty concentrating and muscle tension.


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Some research suggests that the average adult spends over 15 hours a week feeling stressed – adding up to five and a half years over their life. Wow! That’s a lot of time.

Yet using effective stress management techniques you can start to reclaim how you use your thoughts, feelings and time.


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Stress Management Help

If you are stressed out then here are some ways to start relieving that stress:

  • Talk To Someone You Trust. Instead of letting all those stressful thoughts go around and around inside your mind, talk to someone you trust. Talking it through and their perspective may be just what you need to find some of the answers you need.
  • Cut the caffeine and alcohol. It can be tempting to use caffeine to try and keep going or alcohol to try and relax a bit. Yet these won’t resolve anything and could well end up adding to your stress levels and leaving you feeling worse.
  • Do something you enjoy. Whether it involves exercise, pursuing a hobby or connecting with others, doing something that you enjoy (especially if it involves fun and laughing)  will quickly help you feel better.
  • Build in Relaxing Time. You need to give your mind enough time to process ideas, demands and thoughts. Take twenty minutes a day using self- hypnosis or mindfulness to mentally and physically relax and recharge.

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  • Use Your Relaxation Response. When you feel stressed your breathing rate increases and you may start feeling more on edge and anxious. Use your natural relaxation response through the day to calm everything down. Make your out breath longer for a few breaths and you will soon start feeling more in control.
  • Remember The Positives. Make a purposeful effort to focus on the things that are more positive or which have gone well each day. At the end of your day think of at least three things that you are grateful for or which made you feel better or which went well that day.
  • Take Control. Rather than treating everything as being of equal weight and importance, make a list of the things that are the biggest or most important and take some action on them first.
  • Remember Your Own Needs. Sometimes stress levels can rise because we take on too much from others and find ourselves weighed down with their worries and stresses. Plan time to take care of your own needs, whether that is exercising, doing something you enjoy or taking time out to relax.



Help To Manage Stress

As well as putting these steps into action, you may also want to go ahead and get your copy of my free Rapid Relaxation hypnosis audio track: Get the free audio track

And if you would like to come for a free initial consultation where you can learn more about how to successfully manage your stress, then contact me today and we can get a time arranged as soon as possible.

To your stress management success,


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