Stop Worry About Nothing

Sep 30, 2015 | Anxiety Stress and Panic Attacks | 0 comments

Stop Worry About Nothing – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

When you feel anxious or worried it’s easy to start worrying about absolutely everything. Often people with anxiety tell me it’s like their minds have to find something to worry about or they just can’t switch off their anxiety.

And anxious thoughts will always find a direction in which to flow.

Your mind is on high alert for anything to worry about so that you can take action to keep yourself safe. Except often there is no action to take and we lose perspective about what is and isn’t important and what, if anything, you may need to do about it.

And so like a meandering river those thoughts may spread and flow into many areas and many things. And the more that stream of worry flows, the stronger its progress.



How To Stop Worry About Nothing

To interrupt that flow of worry do this:

a) STOP and plant your feet flat on the floor about hip width apart. Keep them fixed to the spot.

b) Tense the muscles in your thighs or buttocks.

c) Put one hand on your stomach and as you breathe in, inflate your stomach like a balloon. On every out breath let it deflate. Do this 3 times.


stop think act stop worry and anxiety hypnotherapy ely


d) THINK, is this thing I’ve been worrying about the kind of thing I would be thinking if I felt calm and in control?

e) ACT – if it isn’t then you know that it is just that anxiety and worry talking. If you need to, think about what it is you need to do about it and then GO and do it.

Stop, think and act and soon you will have a new perspective of calmness and control.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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