Sleep and Insomnia Issues – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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Sleep Insomnia Issues hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket


Sleep and Insomnia Issues – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

We all know the importance of getting enough quality sleep each night. It’s right up there in how we can actively support our own physical and mental health, alongside drinking enough water and eating healthily.

Yet perhaps one of the most interesting things about our sleep is that, even now, we aren’t entirely sure why we sleep. There are lots of theories and persuasive reasons that can be put out there, yet none where we can be certain of the function of sleep. We know it is important, even if sometimes we don’t give it the priority it deserves or sometimes we even actively avoid it or put it off in favour of doing something else during our waking hours so we don’t ‘waste’ time on sleeping.

And, of course, if you are struggling to sleep or battling with insomnia, then rather than putting off sleep, you would probably give just about anything to be able to sleep better. Sleep deprivation causes all sorts of psychological and physical headaches, and for those who struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep, night time can be a waking nightmare of frustration, stress and anxiety.

Given the importance of sleep it is funny how when we are younger we often try and avoid bedtime and want to stay up later. I’m pretty certain if my children, who that bit older now, had access to the internet all night then they’d be up until the early hours at every conceivable possibility. We might know we should go to bed yet decide instead to watch some more TV or stay out late or do whatever else with out dwindling waking hours. We can engage in unhelpful behaviours (as far as sleep is concerned) like relying on caffeine to stay awake and alcohol to nod off. And given how problematic sleep deprivation can be, if you are going without enough sleep or have insomnia, then every aspect of your life can be adversely impacted upon.

Sleep and Insomnia Issues 

We don’t know quite why we need to sleep yet we very much do know that we need to get enough sleep.

How much sleep is enough can vary from person to person. You might need anywhere between seven and nine hours a night in order to feel recharged and ready for the next day’s challenges. Yet if you don’t feel alert, productive and positive then it may be that you aren’t getting enough sleep based on your own personal needs.

It may be that sleep serves several functions for us humans. There may be evolutionary issues around energy management, it may be for purposes to do with physical restoration and the management of bodily functioning, such as tissue and cell repair. Sleep is often also considered to be vital in elements of learning consolidation and memory management. And sleep can help with emotional discharge, bringing one day to an end ready to start the next day anew. And sleep seems to also help with being able to make decisions, focus, pay attention and concentrate better.

Our brains can be busy performing a lot of functions while we sleep, and whatever the precise mechanisms, purposes and activities going on when we are asleep, we know they are very important because of what happens when things aren’t happening with our sleep as we would like. Sleep deprivation, sleep disorders and insomnia can lead to a whole range of problematic issues.

A lack of sleep can lead to a growing sense of stress, anxiety and frustration around sleep and bedtime, and that emotional arousal makes sleeping even harder (if your brain is perceiving a threat then the last thing it will do is allow you to switch off and sleep). Without enough good sleep you may struggle with your focus and concentration, struggle to be productive and get things done, suffer with a low mood and have problems recalling and remembering things. As well as all the cognitive issues, you also feel tired, lethargic and generally unwell in yourself.

These things are uncomfortable and unpleasant in themselves but can lead to even more problems and anxiety if they impact upon your work and study, your social life and relationships and your ability to eat healthily and be active.

Sleep is one of the cornerstones of being mentally and physically healthy. Sleep and insomnia issues can start to affect your mental health, physical health and your ability to cope with things and to achieve your goals.

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Hypnotherapy can help you to tackle the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that get in the way of you getting better sleep. Rather than being stuck in that habitual cycle of problem sleep and insomnia, you can start to feel comfortable and relaxed in how you do things. You can start to feel calm in your thoughts and feelings at bedtime in a way that will help you drift more easily into a wonderful state of sleep.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to have a more in depth chat about hypnotherapy to help you with sleep issues and insomnia.


To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

Insomnia Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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