Overcoming Anxiety in 2017

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Overcoming Anxiety in 2017

If you have been struggling with anxiety then I want to help you make 2017 the year that you overcome your anxiety for good.

Recently I appeared in the Elyi magazine giving you some ideas of how to start evaporating those unwanted thoughts and feelings and giving you three things to start doing now.

You can read those below, along with another four ways to help you start overcoming your anxiety and making this year your best yet.



Anxiety & How To Overcome It

Are you ready to leave your anxiety behind so you can make 2017 your best year?

When you are struggling with anxiety it can be hard to think that things will ever get better. Every day may feel like an endless struggle that leaves you more and more exhausted and fearful.

And the more you experience all those unwanted thoughts and feelings, the more you experience them. You get caught in the anxiety treadmill where every day you feel anxious or dread the anxiety being there.

In January 2017’s Elyi magazine, I wrote three ways that you can start to interrupt that cycle:


overcome anxiety hypnotherapy in ely


Those three things that you can start doing right now to evaporate anxious thoughts and feelings are:

1) Get Support

Many people with anxiety keep it bottled up and hidden so consider talking about how you feel to someone who you trust and who will be supportive. If anxiety is impacting on your life then go and speak to your GP for advice.

2) Use This Anxiety Busting Hack

When you feel anxious your breathing gets faster and shallower as your body gets ready to take action. Practice reversing this process and kick starting your natural relaxation response by deliberately extending your out breath. Breathe in for a mental count of five and out for a count of nine and keep repeating throughout the day.



overcoming anxiety hypnotherapy ely


3) Get Moving

Give your body an outlet for all those physical symptoms of anxiety by getting out for a ten minute brisk walk every day.  Vary your route and as you walk make a deliberate point of keeping your head up, walking tall and looking around you.


Three More Ways For Dealing With Anxiety

And here are three more ways for dealing with anxiety:

4) Listen To This Audio

Take time off from your anxiety by listening to this Rapid Relaxation audio. This powerful audio will guide you into feeling mentally and physically calmer more and more. Listen at least once a day to give your over working brain some well deserved downtime.


Rapid Relaxation hypnosis download by dan regan hypnotherapy in Ely


And for even more powerful help you can check out my Anxiety No More programme to get freedom from anxiety quickly.


5) Use This Number Hack

When anxious thoughts take over, all those emotions and feelings start to rush through your mind and everything starts shifting to worst case scenarios. Your emotional mind takes over and you lose the ability to think calmly and rationally.

So to start interrupting that pattern you need to start using your logical, thinking part of your brain. Hack those thoughts by counting backwards from 300 in 3s in your head. Use the thinking part of your brain to quickly calm all that emotion.


break free from anxious thoughts hypnotherapy ely


6) Practice This Process

When you feel anxious, its easy to become absorbed in all those worst case scenarios and swamped by all those anxious feelings. Anxiety takes a hold over every thought and feeling.

Start shifting that focus by noticing the things that are going right. There will always be things that go well, whether a moment you felt good, a compliment you receive, a moment when you smile or something else. So start actively paying attention to those moments and shift your focus to the positive moments so you can notice them more readily.


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Overcoming Anxiety Help

Need help to overcome your anxiety? If you are sick of your anxiety running your life and you want to finally break free then get in touch right now to book your free consultation. This is your opportunity to learn more about how you can end the burden of anxiety and soon start feeling better and better. Call now on 01353 886158.

To your success

Dan Regan

Anxiety Help Ely, Newmarket, Skype


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