Overcoming Anxiety & Fear after Serious Road Traffic Accident

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Overcoming Anxiety & Fear after Serious Road Traffic Accident

There’s no doubt that being involved in a serious road traffic accident can have huge consequences upon your life. I’ve helped people who were in a car, driving or as a passenger, that was involved in an accident and the shock and panic experienced stops them getting back into a vehicle.

Once a panic attack has been experienced in any situation, the anxiety and worry about having another one, combined with the dread and worry about the situation itself, can be enough to lead to avoidance and other safety seeking behaviours.

One client I have helped, and whose video testimonial is below, came to me after being involved in a serious road traffic accident as a cyclist. One minute she was enjoying cycling down a country road as part of training for an upcoming event, then in a flash of a moment, she found herself having been thrown off her bike, a car having hit her from behind.

Not only did she have the physical injuries to recover from, and come to terms with, she also had the anxiety, fear and worry about whether she would ever be able to get back on her bike again and dealing with the often difficult consequences on her life as a result of the accident. Her story is massively inspirational and this lady is well worth paying attention to for how far she has come since that fateful day.


Anxiety and Fear Hypnotherapy Testimonial 

In her testimonial video (link below), Sandie describes how she started her hypnotherapy sessions after a serious road traffic accident where she was knocked off her bike. As a keen triathlete the prospect of not being able to train and get back on her back filled her with anxiety and worry.

Her initial sessions helped her to overcome her fear of getting back on her bike (which as a triathlete was pretty important to her). Subsequent sessions have helped her to combat anxiety and to deal with the aftermath of her accident and how it has affected her life. Sandie highly recommends Dan Regan Hypnotherapy!

Click on the image to see what Sandie had to say about the results she achieved from her hypnotherapy sessions:


anxiety and fear after road Accident hypnotherapy in ely testimonial

(Watch on You Tube)


For those who prefer to read things, this is what Sandie says in her hypnotherapy testimonial video:

Hi, I’m Sandie. I’ve been seeing Dan for the last six months following a road traffic accident that I had when I was knocked off my bike. Initially I saw him for treatment for the fear of getting back on my bike. Having been able to do that and being really successful in helping me with that, I have continued seeing him for anxiety and acceptance of how the brain injury has affected my life.

Obviously that’s been really difficult and he has helped me through that time by teaching me relaxation, and his audio tapes and, also, his sessions. So, for huge amounts of reasons, I can’t recommend Dan enough.

If you have anxiety issues or you have big changes in your life, like I have had, then his therapy could help you deal with that in the way it’s helped me. I know I would not be in the position I am today without his help. I can’t thank him enough.”

Sandie is a real inspiration for what can be achieved when you have the persistence and determination to make it happen. Even more awesome, she is currently training for an ultra marathon in July to raise money for  the East Anglian Air Ambulance service (a very worthy cause and if you have a pound or two that could help them have a look at Sandie’s Just Giving page).

To your success,

Dan Regan

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