Latest Hypnotherapy Testimonials – Overcoming Anxiety, Worry & Panic

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Latest hypnotherapy testimonials – overcoming anxiety

It’s always a lovely thing to receive a hypnotherapy testimonial from a happy client. As my clients know, I invest a huge amount of energy, time and focus into helping them make progress and achieve their goals.

And having suffered and overcome anxiety in my life, the knowledge of how overwhelming all those anxious thoughts and feelings can be inspired me even more to help those who seek my help. Of course, effective hypnotherapy is a joint effort. My clients have to be motivated to change, adopt a positive mind-set and take structured action outside of our sessions too in order to reap the results. And of course it’s a fantastic moment for me, both personally and professionally, to help so many people overcome anxiety, increase confidence and succeed in many other ways.

I know many people take the bold step to seek my help having themselves been inspired and motivated by learning of other people’s success. And the more we all talk about how we can improve our mental health the better. Yet increasing our mental health is more than just talking and talking about problems and issues; it’s about taking action to change such things as our thoughts, cognitions, imagination, beliefs, mind-set and perspective.

Recently I’ve received some wonderful hypnotherapy testimonials and feedback from people who have literally changed their lives through our hypnotherapy sessions and I want to share these inspiring stories with you here in the hope that if you are struggling with a mental health issue, you too will take that first step to successfully overcoming it.


Overcoming Anxiety & Depression 

In this hypnotherapy testimonial, India describes how she went from thinking she wasn’t good enough and struggling with anxiety and depression to getting her confidence and positively changing her life completely:


confidence anxiety hypnotherapy in Ely testimonial


Here’s what India had to say after her sessions:

I have never looked at myself and thought I was good enough. I have never felt pretty enough, I have never felt like I meant anything to anyone. For the 5 years I have been coping with Depression and Anxiety I have never believed in myself. I have been to different counselling sessions, been on different medication but nothing has helped me become the confident, strong person I was 5 years ago.

I cannot express how much Dan has helped me regain my confidence. Week by week I started to feel more like myself again, and after each session I would feel so happy with myself and so confident. To hear my mum say she “has her daughter back” just shows how Dan was able to turn my life back around and get me into a happy state. I now know how to cope in certain situations, and what to do when I feel myself slipping back into old, bad habits. I cannot thank Dan enough for everything he has done. It changed my life completely and I would not be where I am today without him.” India, Ely


Hypnotherapy Testimonials: Overcoming Anxiety and Panic Disorder 

Jack describes how his hypnotherapy sessions helped him to take control over his long standing anxiety and panic so that he is now able to lead a confident, enjoyable life:


social anxiety panic disorder hypnotherapy testimonial ely and newmarket


Here’s what he had to say:

I have suffered from extreme social anxiety and panic disorder for as long as I can remember and since becoming disabled (temporarily) these became so bad that I would not leave the house – even just to walk in the garden. My wife suggested hypnotherapy but for a long time I refused to entertain the idea as I was very sceptical of such ‘airy-fairy’ ‘hippie’ nonsense and thought it would be a complete waste of both money and time. In the end she convinced me to give it a go and so I contacted Dan.

I am extremely pleased (and surprised) with the results. After a few sessions at my house, coupled with excellent self-help advice and resources, my anxiety and panic are now well and truly under control. Even to the extent that I recently travelled to London by train, saw a show at the Royal Albert Hall, had a meal and thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of it. I now lead a much more full, enjoyable and ‘normal’ life. It has even helped me to regain confidence as I learn to walk again. Suffice it to say that I am no longer sceptical and can thoroughly recommend Dan’s services.” Jack, Ely.


Coping with Anxiety and Worry 

In her Facebook page review, Lauren describes how I worked with her son to help him take control over anxiety and worry that was previous overwhelming her son:


hypnotherapy anxiety testimonial ely


Lauren wrote:

Dan proved invaluable in helping our son cope with his anxieties, he is infinitely calmer and able to cope with everyday worries that were previously overwhelming him. Cannot recommend Dan enough.” Lauren, Ely.


Taking The Next Step

It’s fantastic to read how these hypnotherapy testimonials and to find out how these three are now getting on with their lives feeling and being happier, more confident and more in control over their thoughts and feelings. And there are dozens more inspiring people and successes on my ‘What People Say’ page too.

Sometimes we have to stop just talking about mental health and actually do something to change it so if you want to have a chat about how you could move towards feeling better, then just as these guys did, you can come for a free initial consultation where we’ll talk it through.

To many more successes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

Want to learn what dozens of others have said after their hypnotherapy sessions with me? Take a look at their comments and videos on this page.

And if you are ready to take that first step towards better mental health then you can book your initial consultation right now.

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