Is your anxiety depressing?

Anxiety Stress and Panic Attacks


Is your anxiety depressing? Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Living life in a struggle with anxiety is tough. There may be specific situations that trigger your anxiety or it may feel all encompassing – it’s always lurking, just waiting to strike.

And when your anxiety kicks in you’ll experience all these unpleasant sensations – that feeling in your stomach or chest, you get hot, can’t concentrate, you get shakey and you just want to get out of there as soon as you can.

With all those unpleasant thoughts and feelings, you may stop doing things that seem to trigger anxiety, or you may have to force yourself to endure them (perhaps telling yourself that if you do it enough the feelings will have to go, won’t they?).n

So it’s no wonder that may people with anxiety also talk about depression.



Anxiety and Depression

It is very common for anxiety clients to tell me that they go through periods of feeling low or immense frustration with their inability to control their anxiety.

For example, recently I worked with someone who was having relationship problems because his partner wanted to go out and do things but he felt trapped within the four walls of his home. Even the thought of going out made him feel nauseous.

Another client would get more and more anxious as social occasions approached – whether it was a party or a  meeting at work – and she would retire to her bed for whole days in an attempt to escape her anxiety.

And yet another anxious client told me how down he would feel during holidays – all his friends and family would be going away but he didn’t feel able to go further than the town he lived in for fear of having a panic attack.


The Anxiety Trap

Anxiety can trap you in this way – the more you experience it and worry about it, the more anxiety you suffer. You try to avoid feeling anxious, but this only creates even more anxiety. And so the cycle runs and runs.


anxiety depressing hypnotherapy in ely


Once the anxiety is gone, those low moods and feeling bad and angry with yourself also disappear, leaving you free to live your life day to day.

Whilst you may need to come and work with me to get rid of all of your anxiety, you can start loosening its hold by yourself today.


Reduce Anxiety

Here is my two step anxiety reducer – use it every day (and even more often than that) and don’t be surprised how much calmer and in control you start to quickly feel.

If your anxiety levels are sky high right now then follow these two steps to ease it down:

1) Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Put your hand on your stomach and with every in breath imagine inflating your stomach like a balloon. As you do this say that word ‘relax’ in your mind. Then with every out breath the balloon deflates again and you say ‘relaxed’ in your mind. Breathe in calmness and breath out and relax deeper (you can sign up on the right of this page and get your free rapid relaxation hypnosis MP3 to help with this).

2) Once you feel calmer, start thinking about and imagining how you want to think, feel and behave – being in control, calm and happy as you go about your daily life. Really vividly imagine and describe to yourself how it would be: what you would see, hear and feel. Then imagine actually doing things like this, as if it were happening right now. Keep that feeling of calm when you are ready to open your eyes.

You may be feeling increased stress and anxiety at this time of the year so set aside two blocks of five minutes at some point each day and make an appointment with yourself to reset your calmness levels.


Dan Regan

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