Is it really a panic attack?

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Panic Attack Hypnotherapy in Ely


Is it really a panic attack? Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

If you suffer with panic attacks then you know

the overwhelming sense of fear and panic that seems to take over your mind and body.

You may become breathless, feel faint and start sweating and shaking. Some people experience chest pains and end up in A&E expecting to be told it’s a heart attack.

You feel as though you are under attack and out of control.

So it isn’t hard to understand why they are called panic attacks.

What causes panic attacks?


What’s causes panic attacks?

Panic attacks often start during period of high stress and anxiety. It may have been building up under the surface for quite a while or be something a bit more sudden.

However your panic attacks started, it’s like your mind reached a level where the stress and anxiety caused a switch to flip into panic mode. And as the emotional part of you takes over, you feel less and less in control of your thinking.


The purpose of your panic attacks

Your panic attack is a natural, normal reaction. We humans wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have the fight or flight response there to help us run away or confront danger.

We need to respond quickly to danger to keep us safe – you wouldn’t want to have to wait and have a good think and then decide you needed to get out of there!

In many other situations the physical changes associated with panic attacks would be perfectly natural – if you were running or exercising then you would soon find your breathing changing, your pulse would rise and you would start sweating. Your body is designed to be able to cope with these things.


Should they be called panic attacks?

The interesting thing about the label ‘panic attack’ is that nothing is actually under attack (whatever it feels like at the time).

It’s more like an over-sensitive car alarm going off when it doesn’t need to. It’s aiming to keep your car safe and do a good job; it’s just over-protecting the car. And a car alarm doesn’t attack the car it’s keeping safe.

In the right place when it’s needed, your panic attack would be your best friend. So you wouldn’t want to completely get rid of the panic response.

But like that car alarm, it’s overprotecting you right now, and stopping you enjoying doing the things you want to do. So all we need to do is let your mind know that it only needs to kick in if you ever are in a danger (which I hope you never are – but if you were, at least you now know your mind and body know what to do).


Bringing an end to your panic attacks

If you are sick and tired of your panic attacks impacting on your life, and ready to end they cycle of panic, then get in touch and we’ll see how we can quickly and effectively say goodbye to them and you can move forward calmly and confidently into the future.

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