Hypnotherapy in Ely Video Review – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy in Ely Video Review – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy

I always regard it as a massive honour when someone takes the time and trouble to leave some positive feedback about how their hypnotherapy sessions have had a beneficial impact upon their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. They continue to inspire me and I know that it gives many other people the hope and belief that they need to take active steps to seek help for their own mental health, rather than continuing to struggle and battle with how they feel.

Recently, Ian very kindly took a couple of minutes to record his hypnotherapy review following on from our sessions together. You can take a look at what he had to say in his review video further down this page. It really is worth a watch.

And if you want an even greater positivity fix then you can find all of the video hypnotherapy reviews from my clients over on this website page (there are nearly sixty review videos there): Hypnotherapy Review Videos

Or, if you want to have a look at all of the feedback from clients about their hypnotherapy sessions, then take a look at these (nearly three hundred) positive reviews: Hypnotherapy Testimonials 

I’m always massively grateful when you take the time and effort to leave a review, so thank you to all of you!

And now, on to my newest feedback review and Ian’s video…

Click on this image to have a watch and listen to what Ian had to say about his hypnotherapy sessions and how they helped him:

anxiety hypnotherapy in ely review dan regan


Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Ian benefited so greatly from his hypnotherapy sessions when we look at the scientific research and the ‘real-life’ evidence from my anxiety hypnotherapy clients.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help you to reduce the anxious thoughts and feelings you are currently struggling with, as well as enabling you to develop the skills and strategies that can help you stay in a good place mentally. As well as the many fantastic stories and all the positive feedback from my anxiety clients (which you can find here: What People Say), we also have the scientific evidence to support hypnotherapy for anxiety.

Valentine, Milling, Clark, and Moriarty (2019), brought together the results of all controlled studies of hypnosis for anxiety to quantify the effectiveness of hypnosis in treating anxiety. They found that hypnosis is a highly effective intervention for anxiety, and concluded from the evidence that:

The findings of this meta-analysis show that hypnosis is a highly effective intervention for anxiety. Our results indicate the average participant treated with hypnosis achieved more anxiety reduction than about 79% of control participants at the end of active treatment and about 84% of controls at the longest follow-up“.

This is hugely impressive evidence and really demonstrates the beneficial impact of hypnotherapy for anxiety. There’s a bit more on that research in this previous article of mine:  The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment For Anxiety and you may find this article of interest as well: Anxiety Help in Ely and Newmarket – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy

And so, if you would like to have a chat about what hypnotherapy really involves and how it might be able to help you with your anxiety, then please do get in touch and come along for a free initial consultation to take that important first step towards feeling better in yourself.

To your happiness,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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