Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief – New Video Testimonial

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Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief – New Video Testimonial

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and I’ve come across many posts online from people struggling with stress and anxiety in their lives. I even caught a minute of something on TV the other night where a fisherman was talking about how he values the time just sitting in nature away from the seemingly ever increasing demands and pace of modern life.

It was only recently that I wrote about using nature for stress relief and improving mental health, and time and time again my clients will tell me how much they benefit from getting out for a walk in nature and finding time to unwind for a while (you can find that post here: Using Nature To Reduce Stress and Boost Mental Health).

Recently I was working with Ben to help him to reduce his stress and to stop overthinking. After our sessions he very kindly recorded the video testimonial you can find below.


Stress Relief Hypnotherapy

Naturally one of the key components of any successful stress relief approach is going to be focused on becoming more mentally calm to handle, deal and cope with things. Depending on the challenges and demands you are facing, it isn’t always about having no stress at all but rather being able to feel calmer and stronger to know you can handle it, and to also find some time and space away from it where you can. Sometimes we just need to give our brains a bit of time off from things.

One way I love to take time off from the demands of life and work is by heading out and doing stuff. Recently I took the family to watch the Bury Rugby 7s, over in Bury St Edmunds.

One thing I love about watching live events, like sport, is that you can get so engrossed in the action and atmosphere that you lose track of everything else. The Bury 7s was no exception with some awesome teams and my daughter and I made it more interesting by picking a team in each match, with the winner set to scoop the ultimate jackpot of £3 (yep, three whole pounds!). Somehow or other (mainly based on the colour of jerseys I think) my daughter built up an unassailable lead before the final and I was sadly contemplating the forthcoming hole of £3 in my pocket.


hypnotherapy for stress relief ely


But just like on the telly, I offered her a chance to risk her £3 and go for double or nothing on the final game. The excitement and the prospect of SIX whole pounds to (probably) spend on sweets was too much. The final started, her team went 14-0 up in no time at all, and she was jumping and screaming for joy and demanding we should come to this event every year!

And then it came crashing down as my team stormed ahead and took the tournament victory. Big cheers of delight all around! Six pounds saved! As the end of the game approached, my (once ecstatic) daughter could be found sitting on the grass with her back to the game and her head in her arms and mumbling how she never wanted to watch rugby ever again! A fortune so nearly won!


stress relief hypnotherapy ely (all smiles way before the final game!!)


And as I’ve written about many times, research and experience have demonstrated that exercise is one of the most beneficial ways to combat excessive stress and anxiety. I mean, look how happy I am at this recent morning bootcamp in the sun…


stress relief hypnosis in ely


And if you want to know more about the research and evidence behind exercise for mental health then just have a quick scan through my blog pages and you’ll soon find something.

Of course there are more physically relaxed ways (yet mentally engaged) ways to combat stress. Which brings us back to Ben. As mentioned above, Ben came to see me for hypnotherapy for stress relief and was really happy with the results. Have a watch of what he had to say here:


stress relief testimonial stress management hypnotherapy


Great stuff and huge thanks to Ben for sharing his success. If you want to learn more about what people say after their hypnotherapy sessions you can find my fifty or so video testimonials all together on this page: Hypnotherapy video testimonials

To your success

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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