How To Deal With Anxiety – Hypnotherapy Review

Aug 16, 2017 | Anxiety Stress and Panic Attacks | 0 comments

How To Deal With Anxiety – Hypnotherapy Review

When you struggle with anxiety, it can make even the simplest of tasks turn into a battle. Things other people seem to just do can become anxiety-fulled struggles to avoid or endure – things like talking to others, answering the phone or open the door.

Recently I read an article where a therapist described how anxiety is your friend and should be welcomed. And certainly where anxiety is at a reasonable or appropriate level to what is going on then it can be helpful – it can help us avoid threats and harm and give us a clear ‘warning signal’ that we might need to review our plans or what we are doing.

Yet when someone has an anxiety disorder, the last thing they consider their anxiety to be is helpful. When anxiety levels are too high, everything can seem like a threat and all those thoughts lead to more anxiety which leads to even more thoughts. Once we take away the emotion, the thoughts are no different to hundreds of other random thoughts that pop in and out of heads all day long, yet which don’t stop us going about our day.

And having been there with anxiety myself, I know what a relief it is to reset anxiety, feel back in control and start enjoying life again.


Freedom From Anxiety

I absolutely love helping people overcome their anxiety – it’s what makes my job so enjoyable.

But rather than listening to me saying how great it is to be free from anxiety, take a look at what Beth had to say in this video:


how to deal with Anxiety client hypnotherapy in Ely review

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Here’s what Beth had to say:

Hi I’m Beth and I came to see Dan in about September or October and it was when I was suffering with night time anxiety for a number of years. I’ve lost count of how many years and it started to get really depressing. I said to my parents look I can’t do this anymore.

Anyway since the first session straight away things changed, started to change, things really eased up, suddenly like I remember the fan was off straight away on the the first night, I slept in my own bed and slept like a log and every day it just got better and better and better and each week it got better.

Then we started having this space in between in most weeks, and now it’s like one month, I mean every month, even every four weeks and my confidence is up as well because before I wouldn’t do anything like this. I couldn’t open a door, I couldn’t talk to anybody on the phone, not matter who it was going to be and it’s just really amazing like how, in such a short amount of time, like how many things change, so yeah, big thumbs up to Dan and I thoroughly recommend him so thank you very much.”

Awesome! In fact, Beth’s confidence and self belief levels have risen so much that she even has her own You Tube channel – not bad for someone who before couldn’t even answer the phone or the door! You might like to check out Beth’s channel.

To your success,

Dan Regan

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket


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