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Generalised Anxiety Disorder – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

If you struggle with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) then you are likely to feel worried, anxious and on edge either constantly or for significant periods of time.

It’s like being stuck in a constant high level of anxiety. And no sooner has one thing you feel excessively anxious about resolved itself or passed, then the anxiety flows like a river into some other thoughts and worries.

And whilst we all worry and feel anxious from time to time, Generalised Anxiety Disorder means that the anxiety is excessive and prolonged over many months. You may feel out of control and exhausted with the ripples of anxiety affecting relationships, friendships and your career as well as impacting on your confidence, well-being and sleep.


About Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Whilst your circumstances and environment may vary from someone else’s, with Generalised Anxiety Disorder you will likely experience:

  • Feeling nervous, anxious on edge much of the time
  • Be unable to stop or control your worrying
  • Worry excessively about many different things
  • Feel restless, easily annoyed or irritable
  • Experience a feeling of dread or worry that something may happen

You may also feel physically and mentally tense, out of control of your thoughts and feelings and as if your mind never switches off or gives you any peace.

For most people, the anxiety arises after a prolonged period of stress and worry which builds up and up. All that anxiety, stress and worry then reaches a ‘tipping point’ where your mind switches to being on high alert, seeking out any potential danger that you may need to deal with.


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Modern day ‘threats’ and ‘dangers’ are less likely to be hungry predators and much more likely to be psychological and you will find that your mind seems to run an endless stream of worst case scenarios and disastrous ‘what if this happens?’ type of thoughts.

Because your mind is actively looking to protect you from any bad things happening, you find that you can’t relax, switch off or sleep and you may feel hot, restless, sick, on edge as your body stays ready to take action to fight something or run away from it.

And of course, anxiety becomes self fuelling because the more you worry, the more anxious you feel; and the more anxious you feel, the more you worry.


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Generalised Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Traditional medical treatment for Generalised Anxiety Disorder tends to involve prescribing anti-depressants to take the edge off the physical symptoms and try to calm your mind. And whilst these can help you (subject to their side effects), they do not help you learn how to take control over your thoughts, actions and reactions for the future.

Cognitive therapies may help if you are able to calm your mind enough to apply the principles. This is because when we are highly anxious or stressed we are hard wired to take action rather than think clearly (which is highly useful if you are in danger where you don’t want to stop and have a good think about what to do before you actually do anything).

When you have anxiety or stress, you probably have already noticed that you can’t think clearly and you may struggle to concentrate and remember things.


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This is why any effective treatment for Generalised Anxiety Disorder needs to help you:

1) Physically and mentally calm down so that your mind is not constantly on high alert and primed for action. This gives you the space and clarity to learn new strategies, feel more in control and prime your mind to feel calm and in control in real life situations. Essentially you take away the fuel that is keeping the pattern of anxiety running itself.

2) Take back control over your thoughts. Anxious thoughts will keep coming back into your mind, even if you distract yourself for a while. All that emotion linked to those thoughts means that you find yourself thinking about them more and more, and feeling more anxious. And like a river, fear and anxiety will always find something for you to worry about. Once you learn how you can quickly take control over your thoughts, you can unhook the anxiety and take back control.

3) Interrupt how the anxiety keeps itself going and helping you find new strategies. And effective treatment will teach you or help you acces the strategies and resources to calm down anxiety and worry effectively in moments as well as creating new, positive ways that allow you to do thing things you want to do calmly and confidently.

Anxiety is a normal, human reaction sometimes, yet if your anxiety has taken control over your life then now is the time to diffuse it so that you can feel more relaxed and in control in your life.


Anxiety Disorder Help

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Hypnotherapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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