Dealing with Anxiety and Trauma – New Video Testimonial

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Dealing with Anxiety and Trauma – New Video Testimonial

Last weekend I took my daughter for her first experience of watching Ely City FC play, when they took on Norwich in the FA Vase at the Ellgia Stadium here in Ely.

It was a glorious day as we made the mile long walk there (during which we contemplated what it would be like if all other humans vanished and we were the only ones left…such is the mind of a ten year old! (Naturally, in the true British way, we also complained a bit about how hot we were!).

Anyway, the game itself was a cracker! Ely fell behind twice in normal time and managed to equalise each time so at 2-2 it went into extra time (my daughter was not too impressed as she’d had enough by then!). Ely again went behind in extra time, only to equalise yet again. Then Ely went ahead for the first time, and despite missing a penalty that would have clinched it, held on to win and go through to the next round.

One thing I particularly admired about the Ely team was how each time they went behind and got knocked back, they stayed positive and kept going. It’s easy to let our heads drop when we get a knock back yet here was persistence and resilience in action. And, just as in other areas of life, by picking themselves up each time they went on to ultimately succeed. Great stuff!

And recently I’ve been working with a lovely lady who, despite a very major set back, has shown the resilience, persistence and mental courage to keep going.

Before I get to Sandie’s story, here are a few shots from the Ely City match!


ely city football club dan regan hypnotherapy Ely Red and white army!

dealing with anxiety and trauma hypnotherapy testimonial ely

The teams get ready for kick off in the sun

ely city football club - Hypnotherapy in Ely

All the action! A seven goal thriller!

Dealing with Anxiety and Trauma

Sometimes it can be hard to deal with set-backs and challenges that get thrown our way. We get that feeling that we’ll never get back on track or that it’s just too hard to overcome that particular thing. And let’s face it, we all know that life can seem unfair sometimes.

Yet despite these set-backs and darker moments, I believe that every client who comes to see me has the mental strength and capability to overcome their current obstacles and to develop their ability to be persistent, motivated and resilient. It can take time and effort yet often what we are looking for is not perfection but momentum and progress in the right direction.

Sandie, whose testimonial video appears below, came to see me following an accident during which she was knocked off her bike after being hit from behind by a motorist. She suffered severe physical injuries, as well as psychological trauma and she also began to suffer with anxiety.

At the time, she had been training for a massive charity cycling event (her club mates actually took on the Lap of Anglia challenge in her honour, as reported in the press – how fantastic must those guys be to do that?!).

Here’s what she had to say about our sessions together (click on the image):


dealing with anxiety and trauma hypnotherapy testimonial

 Watch on You Tube


She very kindly also wrote some lovely words about her sessions for dealing with anxiety and trauma on Facebook:


post traumatic stress testimonial - Dan Regan Hypnotherapy


What a truly inspirational lady! Resilience, determination and motivation in action! I know she will continue to do well.

And as Sandie says, if you are struggling with anxiety and stress then do get in touch and ask to book your free initial consultation, and if you want to know what other people have said about working with me then take a look at the What People Say pages.

To your success,

Dan Regan

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