Client running around the world to raise money for mental health

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Client running around the world to raise money for mental health

Someone I worked with during the pandemic has put his trainers on to raise money for the mental health charity, Mind.

Chris Tromans is running  around the world in 80 days and wants his long distance virtual running to raise exactly £17,895 for the mental health charity (use the links below to learn why he has chosen that figure and why it is so important to him).

As he mentions in his Ely Standard article and Just Giving page, Chris had a mental health issue at the start of lockdown and used the Mind website to understand more about it. He also worked with me to help him with his anxiety and found that the sessions helped him.

Quoted in the Ely Standard, Chris said: “I’m much better now, thanks to information on Mind’s website. I arranged for video sessions during lockdown with Dan Regan, a local hypnotherapist. He provided me with tools to help overcome the problem.”

You can read more about Chris and his running challenge in the Ely Standard: Dad-of-two aims to raise precisely £17,895 for Mind – and here’s the reason why he picked that target

And you can join me in supporting Chris and helping him reach his target for Mind, the mental health charity, by heading over to his Just Giving Page: Just Giving Page

Chris is front page news here in Ely! Or as I told my disbelieving daughter, I’m on the front page of the Ely Standard with Pixie Lott (who I’m sure is thrilled!)


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And here’s what Chris had to say about his hypnotherapy sessions:

“I’ve had to consult Dan over the last few years for two different reasons now and can thoroughly say I’ve had great outcomes from both as I can describe below.

I’d been a nervous flyer for many years, sometimes choosing to drive on holidays rather than having to fly.  Around 3 years ago I chose a role change in my job that meant I was going to need to move on from my flying fear as I would be travelling to Switzerland at least once a month.  I’d heard a couple of friends talk about hypnotherapy for quitting smoking before and they’d said positive things about it and it had helped them give up.  After a quick Google of those in the area I found Dan and booked myself in.

I instantly found Dan very easy to talk to. Each session started by talking through with Dan how I was in general and then dived into the detail on my previous flying history – the thoughts and feelings I had at the time of the flights, the airport, getting on the plane, the actual parts of the flight etc. He also asked about how I’d like it to be – essentially my target that I wanted to get to.  The second half of the sessions was the hypnotherapy itself – a truly relaxing experience.  Dan is clearly a very good listener as, alongside the background music, he will feed in all that you’ve discussed in the first part while you’re deeply relaxed and taking it all in – eyes shut and thinking about nothing else.

I had around 5 sessions with Dan for my flying fear and had amazingly positive results, going from around 4 flights in 15 years to 24 flights through the next year!  Each time I was leading up to the flight and on the flight itself, my mind was able to somehow refer back to our conversations and also use extra techniques that Dan had explained to move the mind away from the fear.  I’ve moved on from that job now and actually miss the flying out to Switzerland!

Advancing to around 6 months ago, Coronavirus hit us all and like me, totally changed our daily routines.  For me, gone was the commute to the office on the train, earphones in and reading a booking to learn something new.  Gone was the office interaction and along came the carnage of home-schooling alongside the day job.  This threw me completely and, in early April, a big anxiety problem cropped up and I became very worried about it.  I’d consulted the Mind mental health website to compare the symptoms I was feeling (both mental and physical) and decided I had to act pretty quickly.  My very next step was to make contact with Dan again to ask for his help and more hypnotherapy sessions for my anxiety.  I only had a couple of sessions this time (with the added technical challenge of it being over Zoom due to total lockdown!) but again, they really helped me.

In my own personal list of benefits of working with Dan, high on the list would always be just the chance of talking the issue through with someone and not trying to deal with it on your own.  If you’re like me, you’ll then find the hypnotherapy part a zen-like experience that you’ll want to return to again and again.  Dan also provides a selection of downloadable audio files to listen to in your own time which I tend to do at least on a weekly basis!”


I love hearing client success stories of overcoming issues such as anxiety, and I also love it when people take up a cause and do something to raise money and give something back towards it.

Please do consider supporting Chris in this great cause and join me in wishing him all the best with his eighty days of running!


Dan Regan

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