Challenging Anxious Thoughts – Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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Challenging Anxious Thoughts anxiety hypnotherapy ely and newmarket

Challenging Anxious Thoughts – Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Along with the feelings of anxiety, it is the endless anxious thoughts that spiral through your mind that can start to wear you down and make you feel helpless and at the mercy of your own unwanted thinking processes. You may feel tired and exhausted from the constant stream of anxious thoughts that seem to always find something to attach to and worry about.

And because the future is by it’s very nature uncertain and many things could possibly happen, your imagination can conjure up, create, amplify and magnify any number of vivid worst case scenarios or catastrophic outcomes. Those people, places, situations and circumstances that you are anxious about become a source of ongoing threat, dread and worry and your anxious mind can start to create things to fill in the blanks of how things may turn out. Those initial, imagined scenarios can then play out in your mind, leading you to feel more and more anxious, as you focus upon and think about how things will progressively get worse and worse for you into the future. You imagine not just the initial anxious catastrophe, but also all the other bad and negative things that will inevitably follow for you as a consequence of it having happened.

Yet whilst it may feel like those anxious thoughts have taken over your mind and your thinking right now, it is possible to challenge, undermine and reign back in that free flowing stream of anxious thought. Whilst it may seem to be out of control and that your mind is just too noisy and too busy, you can learn how to take away the debilitating impact of your anxiety. You can learn how to relax in your own mind, evaluate your thinking more clearly and logically and to develop the sense of perspective that means you can trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way (knowing that whatever happens, you’ll be ok).


Dealing With Anxious Thoughts

Thoughts driven by anxiety can take over and dominate your mind until it feels like you can’t think straight, are going a little crazy and that there is just too much noise in your head. Yet as well as learning how to calm anxious feelings, it’s also possible to challenge, interrupt and reign in your thinking so that thoughts don’t spiral out of control. I’ve covered many strategies and concepts around how you can challenge anxious thoughts in these previous articles:

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Controlling Unwanted Thoughts

And if you are struggling with anxiety and all the wanted thoughts and feelings it brings, then there are many hypnosis downloads that can help you with getting back to being more calm, confident and in control: Anxiety Help Hypnosis Downloads


Challenging Anxious Thoughts 

If you have a tendency for your mind to fill with all sorts of anxious worst case scenarios, then in this short video I cover one way you can start undermining, challenging and interrupting that wanted thinking process. Click and watch it here:


As I cover in the video, as you use this strategy of undermining, disputing and challenging your anxious thoughts you will start to take control over your imagination and the sort of things that go on inside of your own mind. Rather than just having to struggle and endure those thoughts no matter where they go or how they grow, you can begin to use rational thinking, and your own insight on the validity and accuracy of your thoughts, to orchestrate and direct what you engage in, put belief into and focus upon. Rather than creating scenarios that are anxiety provoking and that lead to despair and dread, you will start to challenge and interrupt unwanted thoughts and to use your imagination more constructively to think about how you can handle whatever comes your way, while feeling more confident and in control.

Naturally, overcoming anxiety and taking back control over your thoughts and feelings is likely to require a number of strategies and techniques. Yet as you add this one to your range of strategies, and as you repeat it often and with conviction, you can find that it becomes a powerful method of coping with challenges and of feeling stronger and more capable as you take action on your goals.

To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

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