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Anxious Worst Case Scenarios – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

If you struggle with anxiety then you’ll be very familiar with those worst case scenarios that can take over your mind. Your mind fills with all sorts of imagined future situations and circumstances where things go wrong or badly in some way, or where people judge you negatively or you can’t handle and cope with things. And you may have noticed how you can go down the ‘anxiety rabbit hole’ of thinking of that worst case scenario and then what the negative consequences of that would be. In no time at all you can move from something you imagined might or could happen, to overthinking and being mentally absorbed in even more disastrous and anxiety-producing outcomes.

With all that anxious thinking, it’s no wonder that you are filled with dread, fear and anxiety. What’s more, the more you overthink those possible worst case scenarios, the more anxious and on edge you tend to feel, and the more anxious overthinking you struggle with. It becomes a pattern that exacerbates and increases your anxiety.

I’ve talked before about how, with anxiety, avoidance and escape become common behaviours. You avoid or get of that situation or thing that is filling you with dread, or if you are in a situation where you feel anxious, you try and escape and get away. Having escaped or dodged it, you feel relief and a bit better, yet that only negatively re-enforces your anxiety and avoidance in the future.

Overcoming anxiety and dealing with those anxious thoughts is something that I help people with day in and day out. Rather than being controlled by your anxious thoughts, you can learn to challenge them, to take away the anxiety and to take back control over your thinking.

I talk more about anxious worst case scenarios and how to deal with them in this video (click on the image to watch it now):


anxious worst case scenarios anxiety hypnotherapy in ely


As I talk about in the video, anxiety has a way of growing and spreading. The more you imagine the worst case, the more anxiety you feel and that just leads to more anxious overthinking. There are many, many ways to take back control over your thinking and take away the anxiety.

I’ve talked before about how you want to move from thinking about what could possibly happen to consider how probable that is. You can challenge thoughts by asking yourself how realistic or likely that imagined thing is and what evidence there is to support it rather than just going with it and accepting it as a thing because it came into your head, you can use distraction, you can think of other possible outcomes, you can move beyond the event to that point where you will have go through it somehow (and just think how often you feel anxiety about something that never actually happens). You can imagine coping, you can alter the image, you can change how you imagine it, you can accept it rather than fighting it so it loses its power, you can shift your focus, you can add in more helpful thoughts and imagining, and so much more.

Taking back control over your anxious worst case thinking and catastrophising and reducing anxious feelings go hand in hand and you need both. Yet as you learn to direct the things that come into your head, and to escape going down that ever increasing negative rabbit hole of imagined consequences, you will find yourself feeling better and having the skills and tools you need to be in control over what you imagine, what you think and the kinds of things that go on inside your mind.

To your success,

Dan Regan

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