Anxiety Relief And Happy New Year!

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Anxiety Relief And Happy New Year! Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

A very Happy New Year to you! I hope that you had a great festive period and that you are raring to go now that we are into 2020 and a new decade. If you have been struggling with anxiety, depression or feelings of lowness then I really hope that this is the year that you take back control and start feeling better and happier.

Christmas in our house was its usual mix of craziness, fun and relaxation. By the time both kids were asleep on Christmas morning it was 3 a.m. which meant Santa arrived at 3.01 a.m. and just in time before they woke up at 3.05 a.m.!! And after lots of family time, quizzes, games and the like, here we suddenly are back into the usual routine of daily life (with a very short respite before my daughter’s birthday celebrations begin…!!).

Yet if the New Year has found you still weighed down with anxiety and lowness, then the return to normality may bring some relief with a routine and normality, and yet with it, a great load of unease, dread and worry. And whether or not you have made any resolutions or set any goals, there are a few things that you should incorporate into your routine that can make a big difference to how you feel.

And whilst it isn’t in my suggestions to you today, there is no doubt that fun and laughter will always have a place in anxiety relief and easing lowness. We all had a great big shot of fun when we went to see the Ely pantomime over the Christmas period. If you haven’t yet made it an annual tradition then you should! The team at Ely always deliver a great show and I love that they take time after the show for photographs. Here they are with my kids (and Ted):


anxiety relief hypnotherapy in ely


After the fun of Christmas, New Year’s Eve saw me and my eldest helping out at the Ely Runners’ New Year’s Eve 10k race (brilliantly organised by members of the running club). Nearly six hundred runners completed this end of year event which sells out year after year.

ely new years eve 10k


Although a few of them weren’t too impressed with the mud and water close to the finish! So many dirty trainers!


anxiety relief happy new year dan regan hypnotherapy in ely


And of course it’s compulsory to rock the marshal look!


ely hypnotherapy anxiety help


In amongst all the other activities, and with a reduction in bootcamps, it was the perfect time to stat increasing my running ready to take part in some events in 2020. With plenty of time to rest and refuel (mainly on chocolate!), I managed to cover over forty miles across the two weeks – it’s been a long time since I’ve covered that much ground. I commemorated it with a photo of me and my back gate:


anxiety hypnotherapy ely and newmarket


Certainly having fun, getting out in nature, helping and supporting others and exercise all play a key role in good mental health. So what are the simple strategies you should start employing if you want to find more relief from anxiety and start feeling happier and better in yourself?


Anxiety Relief, Depression Help and Feeling Better

If you really want to feel better then there are certain things that you can easily start doing that research upon research suggest will help you. And for the most part they needn’t take up too much time if you prioritise them and actually do them.


1. Get Exercising

There is a mass of evidence that consistently demonstrates that exercise can help with anxiety and depression and support your mental health. I covered a range of it in a recent post so won’t repeat myself here, except to say that if you want to reduce your anxiety and tackle your depression or feeling low then some form of exercise should be near the top of your weekly to do list (for more about the evidence have a look here: Ely Festive 5k 2019 and Why You Should Get Running For Your Mental Health).

Whatever you’re current level of fitness and attitude towards exercise there have never been more options and opportunities. In the last few days I’ve seen local groups advertising men’s and women’s rugby, touch rugby, netball and walking netball, dancing, men’s and women’s football and a beginner’s running group. And if none of these float your boat then just get walking and start to reap the mental health benefits of moving your body.


2.  Express Gratitude

I sometimes wonder if gratitude gets a bum rap. All too often it’s put across as something a bit too ‘unicorns and rainbows’ or something that doesn’t quite fit with a tendency to take stuff for granted and to carry on chasing the next thing we want.

Yet, as with exercise, the evidence once again suggest that some simple daily activities are likely to lead to you feeling happier and feeling better in yourself. In fact, you can benefit by investing just a few minutes a day (I describe three ways to benefit in this article: Gratitude and Well-Being: How To Improve Your Well-Being and Self-Esteem).

The research suggests that people who have a disposition to notice and appreciate positive aspects in their life and their world tend to be happier, more optimistic, have positive self-esteem and are more positive. They also experience less depression and anxiety symptoms. In fact, gratitude can be considered to offer some protection against depression and anxiety because you are able to encourage and be compassionate and reassuring towards yourself when things go wrong in life and when faced with challenges. For more on the research have a look here: The Impact of Gratitude on Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem and Well-being).

So just a few minutes a day has the potential to deliver much greater benefits if you do this consistently and make it a habit.


3. Get Out In Nature

Getting out in nature has to be another of the easiest ways to reduce stress and boost your mental health and well-being. As I’ve been running a bit more and a bit further, I’ve loved getting out into the trees and mud and running alongside the river here in Ely. And, as you might expect, there is evidence that supports the benefits of getting out in nature. Have a look here: Using Nature To Reduce Stress and Boost Mental Health. And what’s more, you probably only need to find twenty minutes a couple of times a week to benefit.


4. Break Free From Your Smartphone

Deliberately spend less time on your smartphone (no you cry, anything but that!!). Many of us spend way too much time with our face glued to a screen. Depression, anxiety and sleep quality may be associated with smartphone overuse. Smartphone overuse may lead to depression and/or anxiety, which can in turn result in sleep problems (more on the evidence here: Is Cell Phone Addiction a Thing? Smartphone Use, Sleep, Anxiety & Depression).

And just having your smartphone near you, or only using it for breaks, can impact on your focus, attention and performance (read more here: Smartphone Addiction: The Impact Of Your Phone On Your Focus, Attention and Performance).

To reduce anxiety and depression, learn to be master of your technology rather than controlled by it. Break free from the impacts of your smartphone.


5. Relax (or learn how to to)

Things like anxiety, depression, worry and lowness are all associated with a lot of thinking and mental activity. The more you overthink, dwell and ruminate, the bigger all those thoughts can seem to grow inside your mind. And all that mental activity, and the emotions and feelings that go with anxiety, lowness and worry, can leave you feeling pretty exhausted, especially if you struggle to switch off, relax and even sleep.

The more you worry, the ‘better’ at it you seem to get. And in much the same way, the more you practice relaxing, the better at switching off and unwinding you become. Whatever your starting point, you can get better at being mentally calm and physically relaxed. One way to do this is through progressive muscle relaxation which has evidence to support it in reducing anxiety (read more here: Relaxation Training For Anxiety – Could It Help You Ease Your Anxiety?).

And certainly I recommend getting a copy of my free relaxation hypnosis audio or one of my other hypnosis downloads if you really want to benefit from less overthinking, worry and anxiety (for more about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for anxiety have a look at this article: The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy as a Treatment For Anxiety


Anxiety, Depression & Mental Health

If you consistently implement these five things then all the research and evidence points towards you feeling less anxious and depressed whilst also feeling more positive and better in yourself.

And whilst not a specific thing listed above, if fear of failure or worry what others think about you, is part of your anxiety and depression, then do take a minute to discover the research that shows that your worry and fear is exaggerated and probably unnecessary (read about it here: Why You Should Probably Worry Less About What Other People Think About You – The Research on Fear of Failure and Being Judged).

I’m looking forward to a whole host of things this year including getting back into the studio, some training I’m booked on, running more and enjoying the rollercoaster ride of joy and frustration that comes from being the father of two kids! Whatever you have planned this year, I wish you every success with it.

To your success,

Dan Regan

Anxiety Relief Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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