Anxiety At Work – Hypnotherapy Ely and Newmarket

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Anxiety at Work - Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket


Anxiety At Work – Hypnotherapy Ely and Newmarket

If you struggle with anxiety at work it can have a massive detrimental impact upon your mental health. Given how much time you spend at work, that anxiety can lead to dread before work and anxious thoughts and feelings when working (if you can make it in). You can be gripped by a sense of fear and worry that spreads into every aspect of your life.

Only recently there have been many stories in the press about people who struggle with occupational stress and anxiety. This can lead to missing work along with all the anxiety that comes with not working. Yet the anxiety about work can be so overwhelming that you just can’t face it. And if you do go in then it becomes an emotional and draining battle.

Those unwanted thoughts and feelings may be related to specific people, situations and tasks in your work. Or it may be that your anxiety has completely taken over all of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with your work. You struggle to focus and you can feel agitated and tense, with your mind racing through all sorts of worst case scenarios. You can struggle to switch off and that then filters into your relationships and ability to enjoy things you usually do. Your appetite gets affected, you withdraw and you can struggle with sleep. Everything just get harder and harder.

When you are anxious you struggle to think clearly and it may feel like quitting your job is the only option available to you. Yet even that brings worry because you would need to find something else and you may worry about feeling well enough to tackle that challenge, especially as your confidence has diminished. Or you may love your job and want to stay yet the anxiety is stopping you from being productive and doing what you know you really want to be doing.

I’ve helped people who struggle with anxiety in relation to a particular colleague and their dealings with them. It’s also certainly possible to overcome anxiety issues around meetings and presenting. And many people have found that they can come out of more general anxiety about work. Sometimes that anxiety just creeps in and grows, there may have been a specific incident or issues from outside of work may have taken over into all of your life.

However those anxious thoughts and feelings are negatively impacting upon your work and your life, it is very possible to overcome your anxiety.


Anxiety Hypnotherapy Review 

It can make such a massive, positive difference to your life once you overcome all of that unwanted anxiety. There are many stories from people who successfully took action to overcome their anxiety throughout the reviews on this website (take a look here: Hypnotherapy Reviews).

Anxiety can stop you getting on with your work the way you usually do. You can be anxious and filled with fear and dread before work, and even at just the thought of it. You may avoid work issues and certain interactions and more challenging tasks. Your confidence may have gone and you can overthink and dwell upon everything.

In this anxiety hypnotherapy review video, Nicola describes how her sessions helped her to deal with anxiety at work and in social situations. Have a watch here:



Overcoming anxiety at work makes a massive difference to your well-being and happiness. Instead of doubt, dread and fear, you can start to feel calm, confident and in control.

Anxiety has a way of running on and on. Not only that, but it seeps into every aspect of your thoughts and feelings and life. It impacts not only upon your self-esteem and confidence but also into the wider landscape of your life. Your work affects your life and your life impacts upon your work. Your sleep, health, friendships and relationships can be coloured and flavoured by anxiety and its far reaching tentacles. As you calm your feelings and take control over your unwanted thinking, you start feeling better and better about yourself, your work and all aspects of life. You get to start feeling better and better.

To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

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