Help With Cocaine Addiction – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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Help With Cocaine Addiction – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Recently, I’ve been working with a whole bunch of people who want to end their cocaine addiction and break their habits around it.

Cocaine, like most drugs, is one of those things that bit by bit can start to take control over you. You may well have started out using when out with friends, alongside a few beers. At first it may have seemed fun and added to your experience. The buzz lifted you and allowed you to keep having fun for longer. Yet, at some point that fun, and the sense of being in control over your cocaine habit, started to diminish.

Maybe you found a night out wasn’t that great without any, maybe you needed it to focus and give you a boost and very likely you started getting strong cravings when in typical cocaine situations, or when you saw any or anyone who you could tell had been using gear.

When people finally come to see me about their cocaine use and need help to end it, they usually feel out of control, it will be affecting their work and relationships, they’ll be spending hundreds of pounds doing something they no longer enjoy, and they feel anxious and depressed about it all.

On the more positive side, once you’ve reached the low of feeling bad and controlled by your gear habit, the only way is to move forwards and start feeling better in yourself. And like most habits, those unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you are currently struggling with, are things that you can learn to take back control over using hypnotherapy.


Cocaine Addiction Help

Drugs like cocaine promise to offer you a good time at first. You may even be able to recall some great times that have involved cocaine, mainly from the early days where it was fun, gave you a boost and you were out socially. Sure you had the come down hangover afterwards, but like with alcohol, that’s soon forgotten and they you go and repeat the same sort of behaviours all over again next time.

I’ve helped people where it all starts socially, because someone has always got some when you are out, and then soon it moves from just being a weekend thing to several times a week. Sometimes it can become a daily habit that fills you with loathing the next day about having done it, only to find yourself doing exactly the same thing again next time. For some it stays as a regular, alcohol linked habit where after a few drinks you find it impossible to resist the urge (especially when you can see others about you who have used).

And for some it creeps in to their lives even more insidiously. They find themselves hiding their use, using in the daytime, maybe even using whenever they need a lift or feel like they need to focus or concentrate.

With any addiction you find yourself needing more and more of it, or more frequently, to try and get the same effect. And all habits work on the same principle that you will use cocaine in the same type of situations that you have used it before. There will be particular times, places, environments and emotions that contribute to your ongoing cocaine habit. Your brain has a psychological expectation that you will get a hit in those situations, and without it, those cravings start to increase (and your good intentions and will power can only hold out for so long).

And because it has such ready availability, you will find that you get a call or text about whether you want any, you’ll bump into your dealer in your neighbourhood, and your friends may well have some on them when you see them. Sometimes these people will respect your decision to quit cocaine, yet some of them may seek to sabotage your efforts by getting out a bag in front of you to test your resistance levels.


Ending The Misery of Cocaine Use

Every time I help someone with cocaine addiction, they come to me feeling low or depressed about it. They may be having arguments with their partners about their use, or they may be missing work because of how bad they feel. They are spending hundreds of pounds a week on something they don’t enjoy and that brings them nothing but misery. I’ve known clients who vomit and feel paranoid after every time they use cocaine, yet who still find it impossible to stop on their own.

As well as the financial cost and the arguments, you may struggle with feelings of guilt and shame. If you have kids you may wonder what sort of role model you are to them (and you may even worry about losing your family). Your physical and mental health are negatively impacted. It may seen like a never ending treadmill of misery that you can’t escape.

Of course, any process of change usually starts when you are hitting rock bottom. The pain and fear of continuing how you are, of perhaps losing all you love and value, becomes enough to make that starting decision that enough is enough, that you have to quit cocaine and do something about your life.

Yet things can improve for you. You can take back control over your life and leave cocaine behind. Sure, it involves motivation, commitment and will-power, yet it can be achieved. With hypnotherapy and through taking specific actions, you can take back control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You can get clean and stay clean.

And, in doing so, you can once again start to feel happy in yourself and in your life. You can enjoy things more again, use your money how you want to, and be happier in your relationships and with loved ones. You can start doing the things that will bring you joy, happiness and success in your life. With new, more positive habits and behaviours, you’ll feel more fulfilled and move your life forwards constructively and beneficially. You’ll realise the false promises that cocaine offered and failed to deliver. And you’ll feel good knowing that your old cocaine habit is something from the past that you outgrew and moved on from, a dim, distant memory that is no longer part of who and how you are now.

To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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