Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Ely Review

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weight loss hypnotherapy in Ely review

hypnotherapy for weight loss in Ely


I went to see Dan to talk about a hypno band. I wanted to lose weight (again) after yo yo dieting for years and thought it was my best shot.
It became clear through talking to Dan, that I didn’t want anything so restrictive at all, (as I actually really enjoy nice food and going out to the pub and only being able to eat a spoonful or two seemed no fun at all 😳).

I just wanted to lose weight without feeling hard done by all the time (the endless diets and deprivation resulting in weight loss… celebrated by ending the deprivation and round and round I go again on the predictable circle of weight loss /gain misery)

I Say JUST…. But I didn’t believe it was possible….. I know how to diet… Eat less move more… We ALL know the theory…. But the feeling of missing out.. Having to say no to all the nice things…. Removing all temptation from the house etc…. That’s the bit I hated..

Well… Dan performed a miracle…. There is no other way to describe the change in how I feel around food and drink.

I now have control, I can now eat what I want without eating more than I need, I can have a biscuit and not want to eat the whole packet, I can have a glass of wine and not finish the bottle (left over wine for cooking is no longer a myth in my house) and I don’t mean I can control the urge to have more…. I mean the urge is gone….. I don’t want it 🤷‍♀️

Other people can have seconds /another drink around me and I don’t feel the need to keep up or have “my fair share”

And it’s 100% painless…. I know!! I can’t believe it either 🤷‍♀️

Not a diet but a total mindshift
No deprivation…No envious looks at everyone elses choice while you opt for the salad and pretend to self it’s what you wanted.

I have nothing but praise and a sense of disbelief that Dan can undo a life time of bad habits in a few weeks….. But the changes were instant…. The long term results will take time but I have zero doubt that I have changed my habits for life now.

The weight has started to come off and friends and family have noticed the change in portion size and the ability to know my limits etc (I think the words when I declined a second glass of wine were… OK who are you and what have you done with my sister 😂)

If you want to make genuine changes with zero pain but everything to gain….. You should go see Dan.


Carmel Luff

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