Motorway Driving Anxiety

I Visited Dan after developing a phobia which concerned my driving. I cannot remember the exact time or date when my issues started occurring, nor can I remember a reason of this, however I finally visited Dan as I felt my problem was getting worse and it needed to be dealt with before it got too out of control.

My phobia started with driving on the A14, I kept feeling anxious whenever I used this road, and the anxiety got to a point when one day I decided to go an alternative route rather than go on any major roads or motorways.

This meant that destinations took a lot longer to reach, and this effected a lot of issues including work, however all journeys would be made in this way, or I would find an excuse not to drive.

As I had let the anxiety take hold, this then started affect me on other roads until eventually, I started becoming anxious on all busy roads. This is when I decided I need to see Dan.

Dan took me through a variety of techniques to solve the issues, including hypnotherapy, breathing exercises, calming techniques and training exercises to be done in my own time to combat the issues.

Gradually the anxiety that was present on the minor road started to ease, but I still would not drive on the A14.

After a few more sessions Dan finally got me driving on the A14, and although there was a small amount of anxiety present, this eased as I drove.

I am now at the stage where I can drive on the motorway again, and the process gets easier every time I drive.


Peter Gibson

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