Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Do you struggle with a fear of flying?

Your fear of flying means you will avoid flying as much as possible – which can impact on holidays and work trips – especially if friends, family and work colleagues all seem to fly with ease.

If you do have to fly, you can start feeling anxious whenever the flight is mentioned and you may try to block it out of your thoughts and even hope something happens which leads to your holiday being cancelled.

The nearer the date of the flight, the higher your levels of anxiety and panic. You may worry about the plane crashing, feeling claustrophobic, being out of control or fear having a panic attack. I have even known clients to refuse to plan for anything after their trip in case they don’t make it back. Some have even gone so far as to draft their will before flying.

Your fear of flying may have always been there or you may have experienced a very unpleasant flight in the past. And you may also have tried medication or alcohol to numb the panic so you can make it through the journey.

However your fear of flying currently impacts on you, you could soon be feeling calm about the thought of flying, looking forward to relaxing on the flight and planning ahead to enjoy being at your destination.

Your Flying Fear – Is This You?

You probably already know that statistically flying is safer than many other modes of travel – yet that knowledge doesn’t help reduce the panic.

You may experience:

  • Sweating, crying, shaking, feeling hot and tense
  • A racing heart or increased breathing rate
  • Feelings of worry or dread before flying
  • Trouble sleeping as the flight approaches
  • Feeling out of control
  • Panic attacks

All the fear and anxiety means that the build up to your trip, as well as the flight, is uncomfortable and stops you enjoying looking forward to getting away and what you’ll do when you get there. And at some point while you’re away, your mind will start to wander to the return flight and the anxiety will be there again.

Ending Your Fear of Flying

I know I can help you overcome your fear of flying and start feeling more in control because I’ve witnessed the results my clients enjoy over and over again. Just imagine looking forward to going away and that moment of calm happiness when the plane takes off and you recognise that your panic is a thing of the past.

For example, here’s what Claire Harrison had to say:

I was worried before the first flight that all my old anxieties would hit me and I’d have a massive panic attack but it never came. I was a little apprehensive, but nothing worse. Once we took off I actually calmed down more and I felt really quite relaxed during the flight. I barely thought about the return flight while we were away and managed to enjoy the last day of the holiday (something I can’t usually do) and I was even more relaxed on the plane on the way home.

I am now looking forward to choosing our next holiday based on factors other than how easy it is to get to by car!” Claire Harrison, Ely.

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How To End Your Flying Fear

If you truly want to overcome your fear of flying then taking that first step couldn’t be easier.

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