End Your Driving Fear and Anxiety

End Your Driving Fear & Anxiety

Do you struggle with driving anxiety? You may find certain roads are fine but there are others that send your anxiety levels soaring and leave you wanting to never drive again. Or perhaps you are now struggling to even get in the car and start the engine at all and feel a sense of dread just at the thought of driving?

Many people I have worked with get stressed and anxious just thinking about driving. It may be driving in general, perhaps after a period when you haven’t needed to drive much, or at all. You may have been involved in an accident that has left you worrying about your judgement or what other road users may do.

Or it may be that it is just faster roads, like A roads and motorways, when you find your heart racing, your body tensing and your panic rocketing.

And you may find yourself avoiding going places, taking longer routes, making excuses or having to rely on others to drive you places.

However driving fear and anxiety currently impacts on you, like many of my other clients, you could soon feel confident, calm, safe and relaxed when driving. How good would it feel to have that sense of calmness and freedom to be able to drive wherever you choose to, just like Matt describes in this video?


Your Driving Fear – Is This You?

Your driving anxiety is likely to make many journeys a struggle, that’s if you can even get in the car and start to drive in the first place. You may have already experienced panic attacks and worry about another one happening when you are on the road.

You may experience symptoms when driving such as:

  • Sweating, shaking, feeling hot and tense
  • A racing heart or increased breathing rate
  • Feelings of worry or dread before driving
  • Thoughts of crashing and hurting yourself or others
  • Worry about the actions of other road users
  • Taking the long way around to avoid certain roads
  • Trying to avoid driving by making excuses or relying on others
  • Panicky feelings on faster roads or when accelerating

And all of this anxiety means you are less likely to drive or you experience even more panic when you do.

Ending Driving Anxiety

I know I can help you overcome your driving anxiety and start feeling more in control because I’ve witnessed the results my clients enjoy over and over again. Just imagine that moment of calm happiness when you recognise that your driving fear is a thing of the past and you can safely drive wherever you choose.

Just take a look at what Jenny had to say after our hypnotherapy sessions together:

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How To End Your Driving Fear

If you truly want to overcome your driving anxiety and start enjoying being back in control then taking that first step couldn’t be easier.

In fact, I’ve made it completely risk free for you.

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