Anger Issues

Anger Management: Need help to calm your anger?

Anger is a normal emotion that we all experience occasionally. However, your anger may be a problem if you can’t keep it under control.

You may feel constantly like you are ready to explode with anger, or you may find that you lash out, verbally or physically, whenever your anger is triggered. Those feelings may stay with you even after a situation has passed. And the more you get angry, the more often you may find it happens.

There may be consequences in your life at work, at home and in relationships from your bursts of anger. You may hurt yourself, or others, or break things as your emotions take over. People with anger issues often experience regret or feelings of disappointment after an outburst, as well as needing to repair situations and relationships.

However your anger impacts on you now, with effective anger management help, you could soon be feeling calmer and more in control. Imagine how good it will feel when you can chose to react calmly to something that used to make you instantly feel angry.

Overcoming Your Anger Issues

I know I can help you overcome your anger issues because I’ve witnessed the results my clients enjoy over and over again. My clients tell me they love the sense of freedom and relief that comes from being more in control and reacting calmly.

And you may also want to know what other people who let go of their anger have said:

I had anger management problems for some time and really needed a solution. Dan offers an excellent service and instantly makes you feel relaxed. I’ve always struggled with speaking to people close to me about why I react the way I do and chose to ignore and try and forget about it most of the time. But with Dan I was able to really open up and get to the root of the problem. I’m really pleased with how my sessions went and Dan has made me a better person for it. I’m so much more relaxed now and the little things don’t annoy me any more. I would definitely recommend Dan and I’m really pleased that I contacted him.” Karl, Red Lodge

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Is this you and your anger?

When you have an anger issue, your emotions may feel ready to break out at any time. You may already know many of your anger triggers but be unable to control your response. Or you may find that even the smallest thing leads to an outburst of anger.

When you are angry you will experience physical symptoms such as feeling hot and tension. You may shout out and clench your fists. Some people do even lash out, for example, by throwing something or hitting a wall. Those feelings of anger may stay with you for some time even after the situation has passed.

There can be impacts on relationships, both personal and at work, with others worried about what they say and do in case you get angry.

And after any outbursts, there will be the inevitable need to apologise and try and mend relationships as best as you can. You may promise to manage your anger yet somehow the pattern continues to repeat itself over and over again.

Yet however your anger impacts on you right now, you could soon find yourself enjoying a sense of calmness and freedom from all that old emotion. You will feel more in control and relaxed knowing that your anger no longer controls you.

Anger Management – Make it easy for yourself

If you want to let go of your anger then taking that first step couldn’t be easier.

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