I love working with sports people - whatever their sport and whatever their current level - they all have one thing in common -  they want to perform to the best of their ability and to the level they know they can.

Recently I've been working with footballers, runners and many other athletes to help them harness their self belief, motivation and inner drive to succeed.

Because just as with other areas of our busy lives, things can get in the way of performing 100%.

Yet, as they and many others have discovered, you can soon have the confidence, motivation, self belief and fulfillment of being the 'real' you when you want to.

Sports Improvement

There can be many reasons why that self belief, confidence and motivation may have waned.

Maybe there has been a knock back or some unfair ciriticism you heard has worked its way into your thinking. Or it could be that you have become overly self critical, berating yourself for all the things you did 'wrong' and losing the perspective to learn and improve. Maybe your self belief has always been an issue and now you fear failing yet always fear succeeding due to the higher pressure and what others may think.

Whatever the reason that you are off your game, you know you can do better and that leads to more frustration and worry.

Self Belief & Motivation in Your Sport

All sports performers want the attitude of success, the motivation, the self belief and the freedom to tap into their ability to get in the zone whenever they want to perform.

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To get you started you can follow these steps:

a) Remember a time when you were performing well or you felt 'in the zone'. If you can't remember a time then imagine what it would be like.

b) Really be there in your mind in this time of performance, being in the performance zone. See what you saw at the time, hear what you heard and feel that feeling. Really engage in this moment -notice the shades, colours, details and sounds. Make everything bigger, brighter and crisper and the feelings stronger and stronger. Notice your thoughts of self belief and inner strength.

Whilst in this zone, describe to yourself the feelings you have - describe this zone to yourself (e.g. I feel relaxed, in the moment, confident, focussed etc).

c) Magnify and amplify the positive feelings. Imagine them getting stronger; tell yourself they are are double that feeling.

d) Give yourself a motivating, inspiring affirmation or statement in your mind - something that makes you feel good even as you say it to yourself. Repeat it over and over like a mantra and let it attach to the feelings of being in the zone.

e) Imagine taking these feelings of being in the zone into your next performance. Feel the feelings, repeat your matra and imagine being there performing 100% to the best of your ability. Mentally rehearse success and lock it in your mind over and over.

Repeat this daily for two weeks and continue to visualise success, until it becomes an automatic mindset.

Help With Sports Performance

If you need help to get your sporting success mindset then get in touch and we can meet for a chat at your free initial consultation.

Best wishes

Dan Regan

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