Recently I've successfully helped a growing number of women to take control over food and overcome their binge eating. 

Whilst they may also be seeking help with weight loss, in many cases the bingeing happens even with women who are comfortable with their weight.

Yet all of them who come to see me feel out of control, even desperate, to take control over it. Some tell me that they feel a huge compulsion to binge that they can't control except by giving in, and although there may be a period when it is better, soon the bingeing starts up again. One client, before we sorted it all, even told me she thought she was a food addict or junkie in the way she binged.

It may be linked to anxiety, stress and low self-esteem, or i tcould just be a habit or behaviour that has taken on a life of its own. 

You may find that you constantly think about food, feel on edge in food related situations and/or feel an overwhelming urge to binge or eat secretly. Following a binge there may be a sense of frustration or shame that it has happened again. And whilst the volume consumed can vary, it is not uncommon to reach a point where it is physcially uncomfortable, or even painful.

Control Over Binge Eating

Whatever caused your binge eating to start, it is possible to end it quickly and effectively. 

By sorting out whatever is driving the behaviour, whether it is stress, anxiety or habit, you can soon learn to take back control over food and your eating habits.

overcome binge eating hypnotherapy in ely

When I work with people, we get to a point where they eat when they are hungry and stop when they have had enough. They feel calm, confident and in control - and they tell me that they feel so much happier within themselves and about themselves.

If you are fed up of binge eating, get in touch and come for a chat - we'll talk through what is going on and set you on the path to health and happiness where you are in control over food and not the other way around.

Best wishes

Dan Regan 

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket