Do you take the time to enjoy the little positive things in your life?

Too often you can get lost in focusing on only the big things – and you let all the good stuff that happens every day fall through the cracks of your life.

Maybe you tell yourself you’ll be happy when you earn this/have this/are free of this/own this etc and you forgo the enjoyment of the journey – and only to find when you get there you still don’t feel content.

So from today take the time to savour the little things.

enjoy the little things hypnotherapy ely


Maybe that special look you get from your son/daughter or the sound of their laughter. Maybe the taste of your favourite drink or that moment when you can pause and put your feet up. Maybe it’s when you’ve completed your workout or laughing with a good friend.

Because it really doesn’t matter when those little things are – you just need to notice them and treasure them to feel happier in your life. 

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket