Driving anxiety is one of the more common fears that people come to me for help to resolve, whether it's panic attacks during lessons, anxiety about the driving test or anxiety about driving after they have passed their test.

I remember when I first started lessons - I'd never been in the driving seat before and in control of (what seemed to me) a massive, powerful piece of metal! However that worry soon passed with practice and all went well during and beyond my test.

However, for others lessons can be an anxiety fuelled nightmare. Some clients dread their lessons and I have helped clients who suffered with panic attacks which meant they couldn't even start the engine.

For others I have helped, they have passed their test and 'know' they can drive but they do all they can to avoid it - and the more they avoid it, the more their driving anxiety grows.

I remember one client who had completed refresher and advanced driving courses to the point where her instructor had told her there's nothing more he could teach her - yet she still struggled with the anxiety before she came to see me.

Sarah ends driving anxiety to pass her test

Recently I helped Sarah (whose video is below) to end her driving anxiety. She came to see me having failed several tests due to anxiety and panic. We worked together two days before her driving test when her anxiety and thoughts of failure were the strongest.

I'm pleased to say that she went into her test with calmness and confidence and passed with ease. She is now enjoying the freedom of driving and is lodging plenty of miles. 

Here's what she had to say:


Watch on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knCOBJMZlyU

Leave Driving Anxiety Behind

If you would like a chat about how I can help you overcome your driving anxiety then please do get in touch.

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Dan Regan

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