Are you a tightly wound up ball of anxiety? Do you struggle to switch your mind off and get some peace?

If you have anxiety then you will crave a sense of peace and calmness - both physically and mentally. You may feel like your mind never switches off and your anxiety may leave you feeling exhausted. 

Anxiety can create its own self supporting loops - you feel anxious and your mind fills with worries, what ifs and worst case scenarios. Thinking of these then makes you feel more anxious, and leads to more of those worries. It can then ripple into your appetite, cutting back or stopping things you used to enjoy, lying awake at night and can impact on friendships, relationships and at work.

And all you really want is a few moments of peace and freedom from all that anxiety. 

Control Over Anxiety

Here’s a way to take control over all those unwelcome thoughts and feelings that keep coming back:

anxiety hypnotherapy in ely

1) Close your eyes and notice the thoughts and feelings of anxiety running through your body.

2) Gradually bring all those strands, the worries and the feelings together into one point in your body the size of a tennis ball. Imagine all of your anxiety brought together within that ball.

3) Wherever that ball is inside your body, take your dominant hand and place it on that part of your body.

4) Imagine putting the anxiety ball into that hand and hold it in your hand in front of you where you can see it.

5) Then imagine throwing that ball off far into the distance until it disappears from view and notice how much calmer you feel now (if you prefer, smash the ball to bits or drop-kick it away!). If there is any left then repeat steps 2-5 until you feel calmer and more in control.

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Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket