For many clients, working out which came first, the anxiety or the depression, can see a bit like chicken and egg.

Are you depressed because anxiety rules your life and stops you doing the things you want to do? For example, one recent client I helped used to suffer very low moods in the summer while everyone went on holiday and she felt trapped at home, too worried about having a panic attack to venture too far.

Or is your anxiety part of your depression - a fear of the future, or feeling so bad or living with a sense of doom or lack of self worth. Many people with depression constantly worry and dwell about things in the past and things yet to happen.

But whether you have anxiety or depression (or both) - whatever label you or someone else has given it - the key question is always, how is this thing manifiesting itself now and how is it keeping itself going?

Anxiety & Depression

Because often in resolving anxiety and depression, it is less about what caused it in the first place (although that too can be highly relevant) and more about what is happening now, in terms of how you think, feel, act and react, which means you continue to struggle with these things.

What are those beliefs, behaviours and ways of thinking that keep the treadmill of anxiety and depression going around and around?

depression anxiety hypnotherapy in ely

Once you break that endless cycle of anxiety and depression - like changing the ingredients in a receipe - you start to get a different result. And once you get the ingredients you want and need in place, you can start a new cycle - one of feeling calm, confident and in control.

So take some time to pause and notice what exactly you are imagining, thinking, feeling and saying to yourself, and how, so that you continue to have this anxiety and depression? What can you change today, one ingredient at a time, to create a new result?

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket