If you struggle with anxiety then will be all too familiar with all those 'what-if' scenarios you run through your mind. And the more you think about all those worst case scenarios, the more anxious you feel - leading to even more vivid scenarios flowing through your mind.

And whilst you may be able to sometimes distract yourself or stay busy to keep the anxiety at bay, sooner or later, maybe in a quiet moment or whilst you are trying to sleep, these anxious scenarios keep coming back.

You may feel like all you want to do is stop your mind thinking for a while to give you some peace. Using the technique below will give you that peace by ending all those worries about the future and bringing you back to right now.


Ending Anxiety

To stop your mind wandering to anxious scenarios in the future and to come back to the here and now, do this: ‘stop, look, listen, I’m OK’:

1. STOP: Stop what you are doing and notice the feel of your feet on the floor. Become aware of the base of your feet and the sensations you can feel.

2. LOOK: Become aware of the moment and where you are. Describe to yourself what you can see.

everything will be ok anxiety hypnotherapy in ely

3. LISTEN: Turn your attention to your breathing and listen to how you can allow it to naturally slow down. Keep focusing on your breathing.

4. OK: Calmly say to yourself: ‘I’m doing ok’ and repeat.

Be in the moment to begin taking control and start feeling better.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket