Anxiety is an unhelpful use of your imagination – you imagine vivid scenarios of things going badly or going wrong and, in doing so, you create all those anxious feelings inside.

The more you run those worst case scenarios, the more anxious you feel. And the more anxious you feel the more you run those scenarios. It becomes a self-perpetuating cycle of anxiety.

Yet if you were watching a rubbish programme on TV you’d probably grab the remote and turn over wouldn’t you? You’d find something you’d rather watch.

Change The Anxiety Channel

In the same way you can use the remote control in your head to switch over channel anxiety to a new, more positive channel:

1) Become aware of the worst case scenario you are running in your mind that is making you feel worried or anxious.

2) Now, move the screen further into the distance so it’s like watching the same scenario but on a much smaller TV screen in the distance. Use the remote in your mind to make the screen darker, dimmer and black and white. Having done that, press the mute button so it goes silent.

3) As you watch that scenario over there in that way, notice that you feel calmer and then notice that you are just imagining that scenario in that way.

4) Knowing that you are just making it up by using your imagination in an unhelpful way, take the remote and change the channel to find something you would rather be imagining – maybe you find a channel running a movie of a happy memory, or of a wonderful calm place or even a movie of how you do want things to happen.

5) Whatever positive channel you decide to start watching, move the screen closer, make it brighter, more colourful and add the sound back in. Enjoy watching this channel and feeling good for as long as you choose.

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Remember, anxiety is just an unhelpful way of using your imagination – and it’s your imagination, so grab that remote and start changing the channel and feeling better now!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket