If you struggle with panic attacks then chances are, because they are so overwhelming, you worry about having another one. The last thing you want to experience is that feeling inside, your heart racing, the panic, the feeling of being out of control and all the other symptoms of your panic attack.

And so to avoid having another panic attack, you may start avoiding going certain places or doing certain things. In some cases, you may even avoid going out altogether because of your worry and anxiety. 

Recently I was working with a guy who had barely left his house for 6 months because of his anxiety and worry about having a panic attack away from home. Just the thought of going out made him feel anxious and when he did step outside, that feeling of panic would rapidly escalate. It was so severe that he just decided he was better off staying at home.

Yet a few sessions later and he is out and about every day and doing more and more things.

How to end your worry about panic attacks

Here’s how to end that worry about haivng a panic attack:

1) Learn to relax – this doesn’t mean watching TV or playing on your phone! Learn to relax properly – to physically and mentally take control and go inside and relax as you let go of anxiety and stress.

2) Get more active – get out for a daily walk to give your body an outlet as well as a boost.

3) Take control of your imagination – learn to take control of the anxious scenarios that go through your mind so that you feel calm and they just become thoughts you can change.

4) Focus on what you do want to happen – instead of thinking about what could go wrong, start to think about what you do want to happen (your brain is like a sat nav – put the destination in there instead of all the places you don’t want to go).

5) Remind yourself that you are safe and doing ok. As you grow into calm confidence, you may experience some slight anxiety along the way but remind yourself you are safe, calm and taking control.

The more you put these into place, the better you will feel and the more you can enjoy life again.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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