Use this simple technique to quickly calm your anxiety.

When you feel anxious, the emotions can take over – you get all those anxious feelings and sensations and you probably just want to get out of that place to somewhere you can feel safe and calm down. 

As well as those anxious feelings, you also get the anxious thoughts – people often describe it to me as a racing mind, or feeling overwhelmed or like they can’t think straight or concentrate.

It's like there are two parts to your mind - the thinking part and the emotional, anxious part. When the anxiety increases, your ability to think clearly or rationally diminishes. You just can't think straight like you do when you feel calm and relaxed.

Think Away Anxiety 

And this way of acting makes sense when we remember that anxiety and panic are desined to keep us safe - to your mind the anxiety of daily life has generated so much worry, stress and anxiety that it reaches that 'there must be something dangerous going on here' level. And so we get ready to fight or run away to stay safe.

It would be no good stopping for a good think if you were in a threatening situation because it could be too late by the time you acted. So your brain is designed to act first and think later when the danger has passed.

This means that you can teach your mind that you are ok and safe by using your thinking in situations where you consciously know you are safe.


Start practising thinking in the situations during which you used to feel anxious – start counting backwards in your head from 300 in 3s, or recite the alphabet or your phone number backwards. 

Using your thinking quickly lets the anxiety know that you are ok and soon those feelings will subside. You will feel calmer and more in control even as you stay in that situation.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely & Newmarket