Except when your anxiety is overwhelming, there can be many benefits to anxiety. Of course, if you struggle with heart palpitations, shaking, panic attacks and a racing mind, it may be difficult to believe that your anxiety has any positive points.

But here's the thing, at the very least those anxiety feelings and thoughts let you know that your safety responses are working well (even if they are set a bit too high right now). Should you ever be in a dangerous situation (although I hope you never are) you would want your body to automatically keep you safe by getting you out of there - so the sweating, increased breathing rate and rush of blood to the muslces can be pretty handy indeed.

And there are also many other things that flow from anxiety if you are able to harness them (even after you learn how to feel calmer and in control).

Hidden Positives From Anxiety

For example, anxiety can teach you to consider what could go wrong so that you can plan to avoid that happening. You may be better at considering consequences than someone who just does things without thinking it through.

It's also likely that you are more conscientious and thorough with your work meaning that you make less mistakes and check things in a more organised way.

And anxiety can mean that you are more senistive and aware of other people and their thoughts and feelings, making you more empathetic and less likely to alienate and upset others.

Ending Anxiety

But it doesn't matter what helpful ways of thinking and behaviours you may have developed without realising it, if your anxiety is so overwhelming that you can't think clearly as you struggle your way through situations.

So when you learn to dial down your anxiety, you can keep the positive things like being good at planning, conscientious and attuned to others, in a calm, confident, controlled way. Then things really do become positive.

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely & Newmarket