Needle phobia is one of the most common phobias and fears that I help people overcome. 

If you have an injection fear it may seem like it has always been there and the thought of a needle, or the sight of one, could be enough to start up those feelings of anxiety and panic.

And you may have been able to get away with avoiding needles for quite some time, but eventually something happens that means you need to face your fear. Maybe you need a blood test, a jab to go on holiday or dental work and while you may try not to think about it, you know that the needle panic is lurking and waiting to strike.

Needle Fear

You may know quite clearly where and when you learnt to have your needle fear - sometimes people can recall a specific incident that led to panic and has continued ever since. For others it can be less certain, like something that has always been there and they just have their fear.

You may instinctively know that your fear isn't logical, after all, it's just a tiny needle and you need it for some positive purpose like your health or so that you can go abroad. And you will certainly know that just looking at a picture of a needle, seeing someone else having an injection or watching a needle on TV, can't hurt you in any way.

needle fear hypnotherapy in ely

Yet that association between fear and needles is still there and very reliable based on past experiences.

You may worry about the injection itself, or having a panic attack, or fainting or being unable to go through with it (you may have already been to an appointment and felt so overwhelmed with panic that you had to leave the room).

Ending Needle Phobia

Heather came to see me to end her needle phobia as she needed some dental treatment. Despite having struggled with her phobia for many years, she was soon able to let go of it so she could calmly and confidently have her treatment.

Here's what she had to say after I helped her: 

Watch on YouTube:

Get Help To Overcome Needle Fear

If you need to have an injection and the thought of it fills you with fear and dread then why not come for a free initial consultation and we can have a chat about how we can soon replace those feelings with a sense of calm confidence.

Dan Regan

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