One of the most common fears that I help people overcome is their fear of needles and injections. Whether it's because you need a blood test, jabs or dental work, your injection fear can cause you intense anxiety and worry and even lead you to avoiding medical things altogether (even though you know that one day it's almost inevitable that you will have to face the fear...).

And often it is because they can no longer avoid their needle fear that people come to see me. Maybe they do need some dental work that will involve having an injection, maybe they need some jabs so they can go on holiday or maybe they now need a blood test and the thought of visiting the nurse creates a sense of dread. 

It may not be just actually having an injection that creates the fear, it could also be that other people talking about needles or seeing them on TV or in pictures is also enough to spark up that familiar feeling of fear.


End Needle Fear

Recently a client called 'AP' came to see me about her needle fear as she needed a blood test. She had struggled with her needle and injection fear for decades and had passed out or been sick several times in the past when trying to have an injection (despite having sought help to overcome her fear).  

Here's what she said after working with me: 

"After 39 years of dreading anything to do with needles, injections and especially fearing having to have a blood test I am very happy to have finally overcome this stressful and embarrassing problem!

I had previously visited 3 other hypnotherapists (unsuccessfully) over the years to get over the totally irrational faints and vomiting that would happen every time in the past I'd had to have vaccinations.

However, this morning I calmly went for my first ever blood test feeling relaxed, confident and able to do this. Even with nearly an hour's wait (that would have had me in bits before) I didn't have any of the old nerves, nausea or fainting and just chatted through the whole procedure. The only rush I felt was when I realised I'd done it!

Thank you Dan - you have helped me where others have failed to!" AP, Ely

needle fear hypnotherapy in ely

End Your Fear of Injections

If you want to feel calm, confident and in control around needles and injections, then give me a call and we can have a chat about how quickly we can eliminate that fear. 

Dan Regan

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