Do you struggle with a dog phobia? 

In the video below, Alison explains how hypnotherapy helped her young daughter end her phobia of dogs. Before coming to see me, Katie was fearful of all dogs; she wouldn't go near them and would actively avoid them. If she went to a friend's house and they had a dog, she had to know in advance that it would be shut away before she would agree to go there.

As with any phobia you have, with a fear of dogs, you will be on high alert whenever they may be around. The fear and panic can be so overwhelming that you may avoid certain places, you may hear every dog bark and constantly check whether dogs are on a lead or could come closer.

Yet after just a few sessions, Katie was totally free of her dog phobia.

The family now even have a puppy that Katie holds and plays with. She is also calm and confident around other people's dogs - no more worry, more more anxiety, no more phobia!

Here's what Alison said:

If you need help to overcome your phobia then get in touch and come for a free consultation. Is it worth investing 30 minutes of your time to finally be free of your phobia and fear?

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket