Are you stuck playing the waiting game and wondering why you aren't getting the results in life that you want?

Recently I was working with a client who had spent many days - and many hours during those days - waiting for someone else to make a decision for him so that he wouldn’t have to make it himself.

He would worry, stress and lose sleep over it all. He would get angry, frustrated and self-critical while he waited. He would blame the other person for not making a decision and he felt resentful towards them.

make it happen hypnotherapy in ely 

Yet the whole time he just needed a little bit of courage, strength and confidence to start making decisions for himself rather then waiting for someone else to tell him what to do.

And as soon as he started taking action, his life started moving forwards in a positive way. He felt empowered, in control and his confidence soared.

So if your life isn’t heading in the direction you want it to, just pause and consider – are you waiting for someone else to decide for you?

End the waiting game and give yourself permission to move forward. Start steering your life in the right direction for you.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket