Think like Rocky for instant motivation!

Do you ever find you need more motivation to get going and get it done? Ever wish you had the energy and drive to get up and take action?

If your house was on fire or you'd just won the lottery you'd soon be getting up and taking action! But as I hope your house is ok and the odds of winning the lottery are pretty small, here's another way to tap into that inner motivation to get stuff done.

Fire Up Your Motivation

Here’s a simple way to fire up your motivation levels and take action towards your goals now:

1) Think of the thing you need more motivation to do or complete.

2) Start playing the song ‘Eye of the Tiger’ in your mind (through the link below or just remember this or another song you find powerful and energising).


3) As you play that song, turn up the volume, feel the energy in the song, notice the determination in the sounds. You may notice your breathing and posture change as you start to feel more focussed.

4) Still playing the song, imagine watching yourself carrying out the steps you need to take, all the way through to successful completion. Make it bright, clear and colourful. Feel the energy and focus as you run this movie in your mind.

5) When you have that just right, float into that you, run through the steps like you are actually doing them and feel the energy, focus and determination.

6) As soon as the song ends, stand up and go and take the first action that you need to take while feeling motivated and certain of successful completion.

Now go and take some action and take those steps to get to where you want to be!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket